Are you going to be 18-35 years old, November 2020, read This!

Are you 18 to 35 in 2020, and have the ability to vote?

Here are some facts for you to look at:

  1. )Trump has virtually killed ObamaCare, leaving millions of people without healthcare coverage.
  2. ) Trump is working on killing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
  3. )Trump isolating America from the world.
  4. )Trump killed the paris Accord for Environmental Controls by pulling us out of it.
  5. )Trump has harassed and raped women in his life time.And he has gotten away with it all.
  6. )Trump has Tariffed our Allies Mexico and Canada, Britain and France and others beyond control and hurt the USA by destroying relationships.
  7. ) Trump lies, and colluded with Russia to win the White House.
  8. ) Trump has committed Obstruction of Justice at least 10 times, proven in the Mueller Report.
  9. He lies to the American People on average of 24 times a day.
  10. He has failed in diplomacy across the world, in North Korea, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and Iran.

Now I ask all you younger generation, what will you have left if Trump gets four more years as President. I will tell you, all the medical expenses for your grandparents, parents and your children will be heaped upon your shoulders, due to no healthcare coverage. You will need to pay for senior care for your parents also when they get older and need help. Otherwise medically you will be buried in bills and expenses.

With Social Security disappearing, you will have nothing left if you can’t keep saving in a 4k account or a saving account of some kind and how many or you will make enough to have something to retire on?

What about the 15 or 16 women he has sexually harassed or raped? Don’t you believe he should be charged and face those charges in court? I do and I am 63.

What about the damage he has done to our allies in the world, do you think they will forgive and forget if we end up in a war with Iran due to his stupidity? I don’t!

Look, I am 63 and most my age understand what is happening here in america, but we are the older generation now, the baby boomer sof the 50 and 60s. We are older, smarter and wiser, but infirmed and hanging on and wanting to be able to pay for our own burial and not strap our children with it. We can’t because Trump is stripping Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security from all of us, who paid into it, Is it fair, you tell me? Trump is building a wall between us and the world not just Mexico folks. The wall on America’s southern border he wishes to build is not necessary and never has been necessary. he is building it because Fox News Personnel told him to and I quote, ” Mr. President you will have no legacy unless you build your wall.”, Ann Coulter. Fox News. It was backed up by Sean hannity and Fox News so Trump started fighting to build a wall, ended up with a fance and stole money from the military and other places so he could do so. Sadly all he has done is repair broken fences and paint some of them, yet he did get a Plague with his name on it saying it is Trump’s Wall being built already! Isn’t it sad?

Sadly, it looks like, trump is going to get a second term and finish destroying all he started to destroy. The only hope America has for survival now, is to beat Trump at the polls come November 2020 and prevent a second term. It will be up to the women or america, the elderly of america and those 18 to 35 who will suffer if he wins to stop him. Stop Trump now, grab a candidate Democratic or otherwise and don’t divide the votes either. trump must be removed from office before he finishes destroying our country from within the White House. For even though all who hated Hillary voted against her, they made a big mistake in 2016. Hillary told the truth on television and in the debates, Trump is Putin’s Puppet!

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