React at the polls come November 3rd, 2020 and vote Trump out of Office.

Someone must tell Trump and The Republicans that life and liberty and the pursuit of justice and the american way, is not always a photo op with a dictator or Communist! Trump wasted time and American money, to go to the DMZ and shake Kim Jung Un’s hand, on North Korean soil for what? At best he got a commitment to a new meeting or summit with him, at worse he looked like a fool to the world who wasted money and time like I said.

Look I am all for a Diplomatic Program for America and for relationships with all nations, but, North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, is a murderer, a mass killer and an antagonist at best. He has played Trump already twice and now Trump is gonna fall for his shit a third time. It’s sad!

For many reasons I am looking for a candidate for president who can beat Trump come November 3rd, 2020. I don’t care what color they be, what sex they be, just that they beat Trump and knock him out of the presidency. The sad thing is he has blind and loyalistic followers who don’t see the damage he is doing to America as a country. I wish they would wake up and realize it all.

Donald John Trump is not a self made businessman or billionaire either. The Business he owns was made by his father, he just sells the name and cheats the construction companies out of money to get rich. He sells his name brand folks that’s why you see it world-wide now. He branded the name is all. He inherited Four point six million dollars from his father at four years old, he never knew what being broke or desperate is and never will.

Donald John Trump not only dodged the Draft more than once he lies about doing so. His father saved him from going to war by paying a Doctor off, to say he had bone spurs in his foot. It was a lie and Trump knows it. Sadly, American Military troops across the world and at home have to take orders from a draft dodger who is President, that’s sad.

He fails at diplomacy daily, he isolates America from the world, he does not believe in science and climate change. what more can he be more wrong about. Lets see!

Donald J. Trump colluded with Russia to win the Presidency and used Russian rubles and help to get it. That alone to me is a traitorous act of treason to America, especially when it is with a sworn adversary of America. Then he hid it and tried to Obstruct the Investigations into it in anyway he could and can still to this day.

He Lies to the American People on an average of 24 times a day, that’s a sad thing to see and he does it publically for the world to see, and when caught at it he denies it and laughs about it all.

He has Tariffed away relationships and damaged them with Britain, Germany, China, Mexico, and yes Canada. He is a fool who is killing America in more ways than one. And yet his followers kiss his ass and let him get away with everything. It’s really a sad case of affairs for America.

He has isolated America, shut down the Paris accord, Nato,The United Nations laughed at him when he spoke there. What more proof does his loyal followers want!

I tire of arguing with Trump loyalists, each day they argue he is so great, he is a con man, a liar, a narrist, he would con you out of your damn underwear if he could folks. It is so sad America is so blind to all his faults and his crimes he has committed.

Donald John Trump does not want reelected to help you or I, Trump followers, he wants reelected to save himself from being prosecuted for crimes he has committed in office. If he is reelected he will never face changes for the lies and high crimes and misdemeanors he has committed in Office. That why he wants a second term folks, no other reason at all.

He doesn’t really want a wall on our southern border either folks. He is fixing a fence on the Southern border that has always been there and then he hung a sign already claiming it as his. What a joke! He wants the money is all, to as he pleases with, he is syphoning money off the government books and using the wall plan as a diversion to do so. Sadly, as many have said before the rich are getting richer and the poor , poorer under him and the dividing lines between rich and poor, male and female,black and white, are worsening and the division under him, is killing America. we have more violence, more deaths then under any America President in recent history, under Donald John Trump.

Donald John Trump pulls the race card when he can and as he pleases and no one stops him or his sons, it’s sad.

Look I will say this, as the Trump Presidency goes on, we the american people who made America what it is on the sweat and our backs in factories, and jobs we were underpaid for, are getting screwed and even the credit for what we did taken from us, under Trump. Automotive Manufacturers are shutting factories, and blue and white collars jobs disappear. The brick and mortar stores shut down daily, Sears, Macys, JCPenney, and the malls are becoming empty. Gas prices are slowly rising, the cost of food is slowly rising, and farmers are hurting and have to be paid by our government to make up the difference, it’s sad. This is not the America we want or need, nor the America our Forefathers would have approved of.

What would George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Sam Adams and the rest of the ForeFathers of America have done with Trump if they saw him today. Would they approve of his way and him, hell no.

Would the Forefathers have put up with him as President, no they wouldn’t have and as soon as they saw him colluding with Russia and Obstructing Justice they would have removed him from office, arrested him and tried and convicted him of treason, and rode him out of Washington,DC and America on a rail, or hung him for Treason. Now we are a country of laws I agree and these are my opinions and I have a right to state them and write them and post them and many will disagree with them, but it is what America is about is it not?

Trump can not be Reelected folks, he is destroying America from within, under Putin and Russian influence and directions. Sadly too many don’t realize it all and he may get away with it. I am hoping he won’t and praying those blinded by his money and so called fame, will see past it to finally see the truth.

Come July 17th, Mueller will speak and get asked questions and more truths will hit the television and radio airwaves of America. Is there time to Impeach Trump, no there really isn’t and the Republican stacked Senate wouldn’t allow it folks. But, I think if anyone has a brain they can see what is happening in America and they will react at the polls come November 3rd, 2020 and vote Trump out of Office.

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