Hello July 2019, Summer and 2020 Politics!

Hello July and summer 2019! As the month of July begins here in the USA, many things are in motion in the world of politics here.

  1. Questions have risen on the capabilities and ages of the leading Democratic candidates as well as the President’s.
  2. Younger candidates are showing up and surging on the Democratic side in Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigeug.
  3. Both Harris and Buttigueg have had large hauls of cash after the debates. By way of that I would gather they will be in the running and race for a while.
  4. Bernie Sanders is being caught up to by Elizabeth Warren, Harris and Buttigeug too, and Biden is faltering due to his stumbles and slurring and pausing.

Now comes the time when Democrats will have to make decisions on what is next for the 2020 election and who will be their nominee in 2020.

As I see it, Biden is stuck in his days of being Obama’s Vice President and I do not condemn him for his memories or good times, but I do not see America going backwards to that era with him. He stumbles and pauses in his speech patterns, and has not been able to fully defend himself against attacks.

Sanders is reiterating all the same rhetoric he has each time he steps to the podium, The same solistic views and ideas and no changes at all. Again while he does not stumble in his speech like Biden, he repeats and repeats. no new material or ideas, is not a good thing here.

Elizabeth Warren, does she really have a plan for everything, is that possible, not really, but she sounds good saying so. She is elderly herself, yet remains in control of her facilities so to say and can speak clearly and carefully. But, for me I have a problem here with her age and the age factor of a President in Office and their abilities as they age, the strain and pressures of a Presidency are huge. Can she if nominated withstand it all?

Kamala Harris is younger, vibrant and smart, speaks clearly and carries herself well, she is tough on the issues and even her fellow running mates listen when she speaks up and calms the waters like she did at the debate. she has knowledge of foreign affairs and other nations, she has good ideas on NATO, the United Nations, Allies, education, and lots more and she has the guts to take on Trump if needed head to head. My only question is can she withstand Trump’s discriminating, prejudice ways and attacks she may be facing if she gets the Nomination? I think she can and would fight back.

Before I go further let me say this here and now and clear in the now, A Woman can and should be elected President of the United States of America. Hillary Rodham Clinton should be President right now except for Russian rubles and interference in 2016’s election. A woman runs a home, cleans a home, raises children, cooks and plans meals. takes care of her children and has them, and takes care of her husband too, plus she works in the world of today making decisions and money to sustain her family and self. So yes a woman should be elected President, anyone saying otherwise, is a sexist and idiot.

Pete Buttigeug just hit the jackpot with his recent donations amounting to 24.6 million since the last debate. He is honest, accepts the blame for what’s wrong in the city he runs and is standing firm on looking for help to straighten it out. he talks straight and honest to the people, and he has some decent ideas on education, healthcare and more. Here is the question for all, does he have enough experience to run the country on the world stage? Experience does count and Mayor Pete is younger than most for sure and he is no, John F. Kennedy.

While Cory Booker has a strong knowledge of gun control laws and how much he wants Trump gone, he hasn’t said much else to get attention. I like Cory in some ways for being strong on his stance against guns and education, he lacks direction in other areas.

The Following people in my opinion should not be running and crowding the democratic field at this time, please remember I am not a political consultant or expert but I see the number 24 as being far too large to whittle down fast enough. so, I would ask the following individuals to pack it in so to say:

a) Bennet

b) Bullock

c) de Blasio

d) Delaney

e) Gabbard

f) Gillibrand

g) Hickenlooper

h) Inslee

i )Messam

j) Moulton


l) Ryan

m) Sestak

n) Swallwell

o) Williamson

p) Yang

That said, I am waiting for William Weld, to be stronger and be heard from on the Republican Side to Oppose Trump. Trump needs to be debated and faced down and confronted by Weld. It will be interesting if you ask me, to see.

That all said, I am waiting to see how this whole 2020 campaign for the Presidency will iron itself out and what the outcome will be. For my own personal opinion and thought, I want Trump gone for many reasons and I don’t have the space of time in my blog to write the book on my reasons for wanting a new President in Office.

I don’t think the American People should keep in office a rapist, liar, con man, narrist, with a lack of empathy, morals and ethic, who lies to us and the world at the rate of 24 lies a day. If you do think he is good to keep well, I say this to you, welcome to four more years of destruction, damages and pain, with no healthcare, being over taxed and losing jobs, paying more for food, clothings and cars and much more. Trump is destroying America from within, under Putin’s instructions and in collusion with him. It will come out soon enough.

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