No Racism should exist in America Period.

Today I want to talk about something that should not exist anywhere in the world period, Racism!

Racism is nasty, it’s bullshit and lies, made to look like a defense and attack all at the sametime, on people just because they are a different color or nationality. Let me give you some simple facts to understand here.

  1. No matter the color of your skin, no matter what nationality you be we all have things in common , we all belong to humanity.
  2. We all bleed red and the blood in our veins is blue and hits the air it becomes red.
  3. We all eat the same foods, in the basic food groups to survive.
  4. We all want families and children and want them treated right and respected.
  5. We all want to work and earn our way in the world as we know it, and get ahead.
  6. All humans want to learn and grow and enjoy life.
  7. I don’t care what color you are, where your from, or who you think you may be, if your rich or poor, what counts is your a human being and deserve to be treated like one.
  8. Slavery was wrong, and everyone knows it and I mean everyone.
  9. I served 16 years in the Military, I served with whites, blacks, hispanics, and more, all of us were onboard for what needed to be done and on the same damn team, USA.
  10. I grew up in the Projects of Waterbury, Connecticut’s North end, back when I grew up in the 1960s it was called Broadview Acres, now it is called Laurel Ledge. Brick Apartments, side by side all in one big project. We all went to the same schools, we all played in the same yards, and we all learned one damn thing, respect for one another.

I tire of idiots and assholes who come out bad mouthing blacks, or whites, or hispanics or cubans or Asians. The language of division and infighting and racism has no place in america now and never did.

I know the slaves did not ask to come to America and be placed into Slavery and made to work cotton farms and plantations, and get beaten. I know the Forefathers had slaves in america, but I also know the slaves fought in the Civil War for their own freedom too. I also know Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation also, freeing the slaves.

We all strive no matter what color, what race, what nationality to be better, to have more, to stay free and to be respected. America was built on immigrants from all other the world and each country in it. All have the same blood, the same wants, needs, desires and even the same likes and dislikes. We do what needs to be done to have our life as we wish it to be, we want healthy children, we want striving and achieving families, we want jobs for each of us and food on our tables. When we get ill in anyway or our children or our parents do, we all want them helped medically, both physically and mentally. We all want Healthcare for all of us.

When a candidate or a son of a President, or a President comes out with racist comments and slurs, it’s dead wrong and it hurts all not just the blacks he said it about, but the whites too, who know better. we are all Americans, we are all human beings, we are all equal in God’s Eyes and we all bleed the same, shit the same, piss the same, eat the same, laugh the same and cry the same. Stop, using racist saying, and statements, tell those who do to shut up and walk away when they won’t, ignore them, for they are ignorants.

I remember being five years old in that project, outside playing in the yard. I had a jar in one hand and a cover for that jar in the other. I was chasing bees and catching them in the jar. I went for one and missed, the bee in anger stung my hand, and I screamed and cried. The next thing I felt was a warm hug, a gentle hand on mine, that turned it over and placed a mud pack on the sting soothing it and drawing the stinger out. When I looked up it was Mrs. Corey our neighbor, a black woman with a beautiful smile and two kids of her own. She comforted me, she took care of me and then sent me home to wash my hands and get a band aid for the sting. she smiled, she laughed, she talked gently and kindly and treated me like her own. That is what the world should be about folks, that is how blacks and whites and hispanics and cubans and asians and all americans should be like. No Racism should exist in America Period.

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