What kind of a man did these Trump Supporters and the Russians put into the American Presidency folks? You Tell me!

I wonder how many Americans, think the Trump Presidency is a laughing matter now a days? I know I do, this man Trump is lost with no morals, or ethics, or brains in my opinion.

I have lived 63 years now going on 64 come January of 2020. The first President I remember was John, F. Kennedy, whose Presidency lasted a short time in American History, but produced more in it’s short time than Trump ever could or will.

Kennedy gave us the Moon folks, he gave us Unicef, United Way, he fought busing and for racial equality and so much more. His brother Bobby died the same and so much more, they both took us through the Cuban Missile Crisis and stood up to the Soviet Union folks, and prevented World War 4. Trump can’t even control North Korea, he screwed up Iran and Iraq and is dumb enough to stay in Afghanistan, it’s sad.

Now he is going to put tanks and aircraft into the country’s birthday celebration on the Fourth of July, why and at what cost? It cost for fuel for the planes flying overhead, it is costing for tanks to be moved about Washington,DC, and of course Trump wants to be the centerpiece of said celebration, with some speech.

Americans have celebrated the Fourth of July as the country’s birthday for centuries now and never have we bothered to show our military equipment or status on this date, we never needed to, for everyone already knows we have the best military in the world. So, because Trump wants it, hundreds of American Military Personnel and military equipment are being used to please his whims and wants and desires? Why? It should not be, but will I am sure, because no one can stop him.

America has become a joke under Trump, he tariffs our allies, he pulls us from the Paris Accords for Environmental Protections. He pulled us from NATO, he formed his own trade alliance, like he is chief of it all, in his USAMC Trade treaty. Why?

He has killed the only HealthCare Package produced by the Government in American History when he murdered Obamacare/ The American Care Act, not thinking twice of how many Americans he left without HealthCare Coverage now. If you look closely he never produced a new one either folks, many poor people can’t walk into ERs, and pay anymore, the cost kills people. Trump doesn’t care if it costs you five grand a shot to go to an Emergency Room at a Hospital for medical care, he can afford it, you can’t.

Look, I understand there are die hard loyalist fans of Trump supporters in this country, but, they need to wake up and bend over and feel how Trump is ramming them in their rear ends at the current time. Facts need revealed and shown to these people who blindly follow Trump. Facts like: 1) He is a draft dodger and never had any bone spurs in his feet and he did it not once but at least three maybe four times. 2) He lied to America about being a self-made billionaire folks, you can’t be self-made if daddy leaves you 4.6 million at four years old!. 3) Trump knew and colluded with Russia on the stealing of the 2016 election folks. The proof is simple to see, when he stood before the American Public on Television and asked Russia to find Hillary’s missing emails and they did it less then 5 hours later. 4) He lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, then when he got the Presidency due to the Russians by electoral votes, and russian rubles, he stood at his Swearing In Ceremony and looked out and said it was a bigger crowd then Obama had, lie. He’s been lying since folks. 5) He lied when he fired James Comey, Sally Yates, and tried to protect Michael Flynn. 6) He Obstructed Justice at least ten times according to the Mueller Report, people read the report, don’t just take Trump’s word and fall for his con man act! 7) Count the individuals tried and convicted and jailed that worked for Trump on his campaign for election in 2016, the number of Russians Indicted, and Americans too. It’s amazing no one realizes or looks at those figures or persons, do you really think over 32 people did this shit without him knowing, if you do, you are not very intelligent folks, or you are blind!

He has embarrassed the United States World-wide, humiliated the country and made us look like idiots. He mingles with Tyrants and Dictators everywhere he goes, why? He refuses to stand up to Putin, period, he is scared. It’s a sad, sad day in America folks.

I hope and pray, he does not get a second term, if he does he will finish what he has started, the destruction of America from within, at the instruction of Vladimir Putin and Russia. Hillary Clinton was right in the Debates with him when she told America to their face, He is Putin’s Puppet!

If America wants more jobs, more healthcare, to be respected again on the world stage, and wants a President who has enough guts to stand up to Putin and Russia and others, it is not Donald J. Trump the draft dodging President that’s for sure. If you want proof of that, just look at what Kim Jung Un is doing. North Korea, Trump said will never have nukes under him, they do. Now that they have nukes, Trump is going to buckle under to North Korea and let them keep them? Are you kidding me? Well we will cap them where they are and stop further building of nukes by them, how? Look folks, Trump lost to Kim Jung UN as soon as he decided to meet him face to face. he gave Kim Jung Un and North Korea what they wanted a seat on the world Stage. He Lost!

He is failing in Iraq and Iran too. Iran is now working on uranium processing again and Trump can’t stop them. He doesn’t know how! Face the facts folks, he failed here too.

Canada, Mexico, European nations and South American nations are pissed at America because of Trump and his Tariffs and his inactions. Under Trump the nation of the United States is becoming isolated from the world. It’s sad.

Food Prices will rise, gas prices will rise also. Clothing will cost more and medical costs will soar. He won’t fight the gun Lobbies or the NRA either he is chicken. He failed in negotiating with the NRA too. I am going to ban Bump Stocks remember, nope didn’t happen, I will take military weapons off the streets, never happened, once the NRA told him, you do this, we go against you in your reelection. So, it died right after he met with them.

We need a President who will stand up to the NRA and Gun Lobbies, we need a President who will stand up to Russia and others. We need a President who can produce HealthCare for all in America. Tell me you can’t produce HealthCare for All in America and I will tell you you are lying. If Canada can do it, Switzerland can do it and other countries, we can too. Lets send a team to these countries that have Universal Healthcare, find out how they did it, research it and how they pay for it and then implement it in america for all of us. If you say it can’t be done, then your saying they know more and can do more than we can! Figure it out, and lets get it done!

There is so much more I can say about Trump, his Presidency his lack of morals and ethic, his discriminating ways, his racist acts and beliefs too. He picks on women and talks them down, calls people names he doesn’t like and people clap and smile and still support him why? I don’t know why, but I do know he didn’t write The Art of The Deal, he can’t make a deal to save his own ass! I know he is not the Great Businessman he says he is, he committed bankruptcy four times folks, and had to do so on Casinos, water, steaks and more, he created a Trump University Folks and he conned Americans out of lots of money and he got away with it, look it up.

He has cheated on every wife he has had and he has had four now. It’s sad! What kind of a man did these Trump Supporters and the Russians put into the American Presidency folks? You Tell me!

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