Have we, grown so weak under Trump it was needed, you tell me!

The 4th of July 2019, parade and show cost the American People 92 million dollars to see. 92 million dollars that could have been used to help those in cages at our Southern Border, children who need help. While people were held in cages Trump decided to show the world his idea of a 4th of July Parade and Holiday Celebration, no consideration or thought of those dying at our southern border or caged there!

What kind of man is he, when he smiles and talks history of the country he is President of, and gets it wrong and makes mistakes and ignores the people caged like animals?

Where is the empathy, the caring, the morals or ethics needed to run a country like America, I will tell you this they don’t exist in Donald J. Trump!

Trump got what he wanted a big military bullshit show with tanks and planes. Americans have to pay for it now and sadly it was very expensive and he doesn’t care about the cost of it or how it gets paid.

Like a spoiled child, he stomped his feet and demanded what he wanted, and blew a fortune in money, that wasn’t his to blow and at the expense of you and I and all American Taxpayers. This is not a responsible President folks, this is not a sane man, with morals, and ethics and caring, this is not a stable personality running America, this is a dangerous man!

Americans have celebrated the Fourth of July for 242 years before Trump came and tried to change it. We have peaceful picnics and parties and beaches and cook-outs and beach trips and then firework shows or all different sizes by the communities we all live in. So why was it necessary to have a military show of power to the world and Trump speaking of bullshit? You tell me, especially to the tune of 92 million dollars of taxpayers money!

We are not Communist Russia, or Communist France, or Cuba, or North Korea, we don’t need to show the world our military might or branches of service, we know as do our military personal themselves we are the world’s best and most powerful. it was unnecessary and not worth it.

So under our 45th President a man who is a con man, a liar, a cheat, a narcissist, a rapist and a sexual harasser of women, we get a military parade showing military strength and weapons? Why?

Only weak leaders with no guts or pride do these things folks. It is usually to scare and intimidate their own people and those in the countries around them. We don’t need to do this and Trump was wrong to force it! Or have we now joined the countries who do these military shows of might and grown so weak under Trump it was needed, you tell me!

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