Vote Donald J. Trump out come November 3rd, 2020, we can do better!

The dumbing down of America started decades ago when the Video Gaming Industry took off and made it big. Americans started playing video games on their XBoxes, Playstations and Nintendo machines and poof, reading went down the tubes and so did book sales, for many authors.

We end up with people who know nothing of American History like Donald Trump and his foolish and stupid statement about “The Army taking over airports during the revolutionary war.” I am ashamed to see and hear an American President say such a thing on the world stage, and not realize it at all till, someone told him so, later.

I want to point out to America something they should realize and every parent should do, make a kid read! Reading is Fundamental folks, it is needed to be done for more than one reason. You read you learn history, you learn facts, you gain knowledge and at times can be entertained by it, all Authors write about some subject, all can enjoy. Many Movies are taken from books, history is vital, whether it is on the way America was created or the way the world came about, and where it is going, history tells us about our ancestors, our way of surviving, it tells us about inventions, and loves, and more. History is a subject vital to the world and to America and unless we have leaders who read we lose.

Personally speaking, I read whenever I can, in any form I can online, in books, in papers to see what is going on in the world daily. Current events are covered in the news folks, who is doing what where, what massive occurrence happened and why, information about disasters end up written about, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes,tsunamis and more. Climate change is discussed daily, the preservation of the planet and so much more, but people don’t understand that, they are too busy playing video games and being distracted.

We have a second problem besides no one reading anymore, in america. Lack of discipline, and control in our children. Look I know many will say I am wrong about what I am going to say here, but, be that as it may, a good smack on a kids ass, won’t kill them and it gets their attention, and straightens them out now and then. America went too far in rolling back it’s discipline of its children in the 1980s when Bill Cosby came out with don’t hit your children talk to them, in his television shows. we ended up in situations like in Kramer vs. Kramer where kids filed for divorce from their parents, far too out there you ask me. The kids got to do as they please and now America suffers for it all. Permissiveness should be curtailed some and disciplining a child brought back.

A child should be forced to bed at certain times to grow correctly, a child should be forced to try all foods that are good for them, a child should be taught to respect their elders and be polite, and a child should be taught to get along with all no matter color, race or nationality. Someone should take Cosby’s program of not hitting your child, and toss it in a cell with him too. It is a sad commentary I know when someone has to say this, but it’s true, kids should listen to their parents, do their homework, go to school and have to get a job and earn a living if they don’t. You can’t just hand your children everything they want, spoil them rotten and then think they will be perfect citizens folks, it doesn’t happen without guidance and parenting.

Books should be read by kids of all ages, stories should be read to them, so they can not only enjoy the stories but learn language, english, grammar and punctuation too. They should have the basic skills of reading and writing and some don’t believe me.

When Donald Trump stood before the World and the country and stated , The American Army took over airports and airfields in the revolutionary war, we all should have hung our heads in shame and immediately called him on it, for we all know Orville and Wilbur Wright invented flight in 1902, right. So why didn’t Donald Trump, he doesn’t read history is why, so we are now embarrassed and humiliated by a President who doesn’t know American and World History, as we should be.

I stood in a hospital recently, among Nurses and Doctors who treat my wife for breast cancer that has metastasized to her bones, I take her in for immunotherapy nowadays and shots. Well, after Trump gave his Fourth of July speech we went in for her shot she needed. As we were there I asked some nurses if they heard Trump’s speech and heard his statement about airports in the Revolutionary War. They said sure so what? I was like your kidding right, you do know there were no airports in America in 1775 or 1776, planes weren’t invented till 1902, by the Wright Brothers and flown at Kitty Hawk, SC. Sadly, they didn’t catch it in his speech, they were like so what. Excuse me folks, but really? How can Doctors and Nurses treating patients with cancer not know history? What’s worse is why don’t they care to know it, and why don’t they understand what history really means to all of us. Is America dumbed down so much no one reads anymore, is America so dumbed down they don’t care anymore, is America losing it?

America, america, God shed his Grace on Thee, and Crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea! We have it all freedom, to say what we want, how we want, to who we want. To buy what we want and do what we want, to preach and practice what religion we want too. What we don’t have is discipline, and education values anymore. we need to re enforce education, we need to make children read, we need to make them do math, learn history, explain and discuss current events, we need to get our children and our nation engaged in learning and knowing the truths, we need an educated America and less Video Games and less electronic toys too.

I ask America what happened to reading to your children, what happened to disciplining your children, what happened to giving them erector sets, and science toys like microscopes? What happened to making a child go outside and play in nature and learn to get along with others? What happened to the America, we once had,where, we grew up to respect each other, we respected each other, we believed in each other and we protected each other? Don’t tell me it doesn’t exist or never did, I know it did, I lived it and grew up in it. I grew up in a project filled with all colors all races, all nationalities. We all lived side by side, white, black, hispanics, asians, we went to the same schools and we played in the same playgrounds and yards. Don’t tell me it can’t be, or never was, because I will tell you bullshit, I lived it.

One more thing, I think all should be made to serve at least one term in a branch of the military. To Protect and serve your country should be a honor and a pleasure for all who live in america. I served in three Branches folks, yes three, The US Army, The US Army National Guard of Connecticut and The United States Navy. I served with whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, straights and gays. We all served side by side and learned to get along fast, to protect and preserve our homeland and defend it. It’s what it is all about, I didn’t serve for me, I served to protect and defend those I loved at home and the country I love too. That is what should be taught to American Children, that is what our Government should be about also.

So stop dumbing down America and Americans, stop following a President who lies, cheats, is a sexual predator and rapist, and a criminal, Obstruction of Justice and a Colluder with Russia and Putin’s Puppet! Let’s take back the White House, with someone, anyone who has some ethics, morals and beliefs we can live with. Let’s make America stable and healthy and wealthy and wise once more! Vote Donald J. Trump out come November 3rd, 2020, we can do better!

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