Dump Trump!

Hello Sunday, it’s the weekend and it is rolling right along with rainy bad weather here in Connecticut and the passing of the 4th of July 2019. The Celebrations have ended, the fireworks and parades are finished and done and we move on into America’s 244th year of existence. While I am proud to be an American in every way possible, even to the point to have served my country in three branches over 16 years, and being a Disabled Veteran, I am not proud to have Donald John Trump As it’s President.

He embarasses all with his illerate speeches and things he says off the cuff and off teleprompter, he makes stupid and unfactual comments on American History on Public television in front of the world,he doesn’t even know when flight was invented!

Look folks, I know your all going to say, I am repeating myself and shouldn’t do so, well sometimes it needs to be done for people to get it.

This Donald John Trump, mad3 a deal with Russia and Putin to get the American Presidency, do you understand that? He stood before television cameras and asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s emails and they did as he requested within five hours of his asking! Russia or Putin would never do such a thing unless they had something to gain folks They gained a puppet in the American White House in Donald J. Trump, that’s why he never bad mouths Russia or Putin folks, he knows they can reveal what he did to all of us, and he could hang for being a traitor.

Today I saw an interview on MSN on the internet, a young female reporter approached an older female and asked her some questions about Trump, why because she was wearing a red Maga hat. She asked her if she knew Trump committed bankruptcy 4 times, the woman yelled it’s lies, he never did, what it’s on tape! She told the woman Trump said he could shoot a person in the middle of the street in NEw York and people would still vote for him, she said it’s a lie. Then, she went on to say Joe Biden is a socialist, the reporter was like really, Biden a socialist no way lady, Yes the woman said Biden is a socialist, so the reporter asked her to define a socialist and she couldn’t. This is a sad statement of the current status of America folks. Trump supporters blindly, follow this man no matter what crime or lie he tells or does. It’s like they are in a trance or, programmed by him to be his minions.

Facts have no effect on Trump supporters, believe me I have been watching them deny all that has been proven as facts against Trump now for the last 2.5 years, it’s sad.

The facts are piling up folks, the truth is coming out not only on Trump’s personal life but on all he has done that has ben criminal and against the law.

We are closing in now on Robert Mueller sitting in front of two committees in Washington, DC folks and answering questions on his Mueller Report for the world and country to see. Mueller did not clear trump of Obstruction of Justice or Collusion with Russia, he did not prosecute or charge because of the laws in current existence that say, you can’t charge a sitting President. That’s all folks, and Trump is as guilty as they come of so many crimes it is crazy.

Trump is guilty of the following in my book: 1) Draft dodging, 2) Lying, 3) He committed Bankruptcy Four Times, couldn’t maintain a water business, a steak business, and casinos.4) He is an accused sexual moletstor and harasser and rapist. 5) He cheated on each of his four wives also. 6) He colluded with and accepted ads and money and supporter from Russia and Putin to win the Presidency, he couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton any other way. 7) He immediately lied to the American People when he took the Oath of Office on his Inauguration Day, when he claimed he had the biggest crowds ever, lol and he has been lying to the american People on an average of 24 times per day since.

If you do not believe all of the above look up each one online, use Google, and other search engines it’s all there. Wake up folks, if you vote Trump in November 2020, you will give him a ticket to freedom from all the crimes he has committed to date, time limits matter.

I tire of Trump’s blind loyalist, saying look at the jobs he created, where please? Ford is laying off blue and white collar workers, Chevrolet is downsizing and closing plants, no jobs are coming back from overseas as he promised he lies.

Then I hear the Trump followers telling me how he speaks so well and says and does what he says he will. That’s crap too. He tries to do what he says and fails because he doesn’t know how to negotiate folks, how to communicate folks, or how to compromise.

The United Nations laughed at him when he spoke there once. The United Kingdom, yes Britain’s Ambassador just called Trump Inept, Incompetent and Insecure! Britain mind you is America second biggest ally in the World, and yet they admit Trump is not competent for the job and position he holds. You can say what you want about Britain folks, and how we fought for Independence from her, but you can’t deny their honesty and straightforwardness.

Donald John Trump in my opinion, belongs in a Orange Jumpsuit, behind bars, being fed juke food, till he dies, due to the crimes he has committed, not in the White House.

Nothing would please me more, than to see on January 22nd, 2021, as Trump moves out of the White House House, to see the FBI arrest him and put him in handcuffs and drag him to jail. we have never in American History had a President so criminal, with no morals, ethics, caring or lack of empathy! It is a sad period in American History and the country should be ashamed of this man.

Americans you want to make it right come November 3rd, 2020, pick a President with morals, ethics, pride, distinguished and worth the title of President for President, don’t be fooled again by Trump and his people. Do the country a favor Americans, do yourselves a favor Vote Trump out come November 3rd, 2020, if you don’t he will shut down, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, he has already killed ObamaCare/ American Healthcare Act he will kill the rest.

I know there are many democrats running and what few don’t get is one Republican is running too against Trump William Weld for he has no real money behind him. If any American Republicans has any souls or brains or hearts left they would pay to make William Weld the Republican candidate and dump Trump!

Let me finish this by stating for all here and now, Mitch McConnell has to go too, he is controlling the Senate and what gets passed or not. He is protecting Trump, and enying Americans HealthCare and aiming for Social security and Medicare and Medicaid to be killed. He is kissing Trump’s ass left and right, and no one is stopping him. It’s sad!

You want to make America great it is already great folks and has been now for 244 years. There is no Making America Great Again folks, it is a lie,and all we need to do is kill the lies, remove the liar and move on so America can get it’s place back on the world stage it belongs in. Vote Yes, Vote for anyone other than Trump who doesn’t act like a criminal, doesn’t collude with Russia or other countries, doesn’t Obstruct Justice, Vote Democrat, or independent, but don’t Vote Trump, if you do America may not survive as a democracy and republic, under four more years of Trump. Save your country Americans, Don’t Vote Trump!

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