Bring Austin Tice Home President Trump!

I just learned that an American, named Austin Tice is a prisoner in Syria of all countries and the United States Government is not acting to get him released at this time. Why?

Austin is a 7th Generation Texan, Houston native, Eagle Scout, National Merit Finalist, graduate of Georgetown University, veteran Captain in the United States Marine Corps and recipient of the 2012 George Polk Award for War Reporting, the 2012 McClatchy Newspapers President’s Award, and the 2015 National Press Club John Aubuchon Freedom of the Press Award.

Austin is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and awarded for Journalism in many ways.

Any Veteran of the Service in the United States kidnapped, taken or held captive by any other country in the world deserves full action in diplomatic and other ways to get their release and the individual home.

He served his country and more, he honored his country with service and went in to report on conditions in Syria and the United States Government won’t act to bring him home, he was working for the Washington Post when he was taken in Syria. My understanding is the American Government knows where he may be, being held and if that is true and Trump said, ” It’s a doable Mission to get him out!”, then why haven’t they acted so far and when will they? He is a American Citizen, a Veteran, an Honored and Awarded Journalist, yet no one is moving to bring him home? Someone needs to tell the American People why now, this has been long enough, Austin disappeared in Syria in August of 2012, three days after his 31st birthday.

It was reported that Austin Tice was seen alive and taken by a group of men, and photographed with them five weeks later.

Donald John Trump the President of The United States, needs to act on this immediately and get results and bring Austin Tice home to his family as soon as possible, by once investigating the matter further, 2) Contacting The Syrian Government and its Leaders and asking for Austin Tice’s return and 3) helping his family get him back.

The Military and the Marine Corps, as well as The American Government says leave no man behind, do not rest until you bring them all home they are Americans, and so is Austin Tice, he needs rescued by Americans and brought home now.

This all happened in 2012, it is now past the midpoint of 2019, we are in July of 2019, this man is sitting in Syria, held captive, Trump and his Administration knows of all of it and they won’t react for diplomatic reasons, that is bull. Is Donald Trump as President playing with Veterans and Journalist lives overseas for diplomatic reasons and not acting so he can have a plan for publicity and reaction, for reelection? He needs to find Austin Tice in Syria and return him to American soil now, especially if they know where Austin Tice is.

I did not attend Journalism school , but I am a Disabled veteran myself who served three branches of service, Army., Army National Guard Connecticut and US Navy, I was always taught as a military man, and as an American , no American should be left behind, no American should be abandoned and no American should be forgotten!

Tell Uncle Sam, Tell President Trump, Tell Congress all to act, Austin Tice is a Veteran, a Journalist and an American Citizen, bring home Austin Tice, President Trump, Bring him home Congress, both Houses must react now, The Senate must demand action and so should the House of Representatives. To not do is is morally, ethically wrong and a massive mistake!

America can not allow a foreign nation, a hostile nation, to hold captive an American Citizen, a Veteran and Journalist who is all American, Bring Austin Tice Home President Trump!

Austin Tice wanted poster image 1.jpg

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