My Break from Political Blogging!

Everyone needs a break from politics and the real world now and then! We are continuously battered with news reports of the race for the presidency on television news channels daily.

We get battered with it daily and nightly, you can’t turn on a tv without some form or speech by or about a political candidate or President Donald Trump or the Senate or House of Representatives we call congress. All are vying for publicity and to be seen in good light, to keep their jobs in Washington, DC, as the American people struggle at home to survive, at least we the middle class and below believe that.

Somethings will never change, so I tire of writing about it all daily and every now and then try to blog about other matters or items.

As a child, I read and got lost in comic books, as I grew up, I read American History and Biographies of famous people and Presidents. In College I wrote a paper on the Assassination of President John F, Kennedy and the possibilities of conspiracies that may have occurred in 1963 to 1964. I went into all areas of it, Oswald, Ruby, The Mobs, The Cubans, The Bay of Pigs survivors and more. I found it interesting that, for one, Oswald knew Ferie,, he knew Ruby, he knew Mobsters and so did Ruby. I found it interesting that those who fought and failed at The Bay of Pigs, who watched their peers die at Castro’s hands, blamed Kennedy for not launching air strikes to cover them on the beaches. There are little facts in The Kennedy Assassination that people don’t realize or don’t notice too. Some have never bothered to look into it and just believe the story told by the Warren Report. Do, you know there were two more Committees to Investigate the Kennedy Assassinations and Martin Luther King Jr’s too, who conclusively found there were conspiracies to kill in each of the three cases. Probably not, because many Americans don’t read today.

Reading is fundamental folks, believe me, you don’t read your lost in the world and ill informed and behind the times. I read, I write, and I talk of Politics and History and facts and morals and ethics and caring and more in my blogs. I do it because I believe America and the world needs to be informed and helped to fully understand all that happens and that the world is not a la de da da world in america as so many americans believe it is.

For instance we have so many issues right now happening that have nothing to do with politics, people would be shocked if they knew them. Black people are still fighting for equality and equal pay and housing and to be respected as human beings by all. Hispanics are doing the same, racial injustice is everywhere if you look for it folks.

But, beyond saying that let me say this to the racist pigs and assholes on both sides, those who believe in White Power and those who back Black Power, let me tell you something, we are all humans, we are all americans, we all bleed red, we all eat the same, we all laugh and cry the same, and we all want the same, to be treated with respect, with equality and decently. we all want housing and homes for all of us, we all want to be able to work and get equal pay, no matter color, or sex. Look, to those bigots, and prejudice and discriminating people out there I have one thing to say, Grow Up, realize your human and american too and drop the facade of trying to be better than anyone else, or being so fighting mad you hurt others. Wake the hell up folks, we all live on the same planet together and the land mass will shrink soon enough.

Talking about shrinking land masses, lets take a look at Climate Change on Earth. Here is a shocking fact, the temperatures in Alaska, yes you know the frozen Alaska in the north of the planet, recently rose to ninety degrees the other day. I remind all, ice melts and glaciers that fall apart or melt into the oceans raise the oceans levels and that puts more land mass under water as we go. The coastal areas of all continents will slowly go under sea levels, folks. The world needs to act on Climate Change now, stop using fossil fuels, and save the planet now.

In Closing, let me say this to all, I write Blogs, I write Political pieces, yes and I write about Trump and more. But, I also write short stories and make them into small books on Amazon ebooks. Now I am not Doris Kearns Goodwin, who is a favorite writer of mine, or Stephen King, or Robert Ludlum or any of the famous writers, and I seriously doubt I will ever be. Yet, I write short stories some for children and some for teenagers and I am trying to write a longer one now, but, I get writer’s block so, it is slow going.

I am learning what those famous Authors, probably already know, it’s not simple, it takes a wide range of english skills, and a dictionary, plus a course in punctuation to write. I am learning slowly is all and I am old at 63 now. I am learning discipline is key to writing and you have to have discipline to sit at a keyboard or at a desk with paper and pen and write a long story or book on any subject. The research it takes, the effort to flesh out each character, the effort to draw and create a story line and to keep it all in line, is not easy.

So, I shall continue to write blogs and poems and stories of all sizes if I can, for it helps me personally deal with my life and how I have lived it over the years.

I came from a family of five kids, a rough childhood and two years in an Institution they said for emotional instability, but the truth is, I was fine just had attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity which I overcame and out grew. I moved onto rough high school days, where I, in the end dropped out and went to work. Then in the end I ran out of jobs and started my run at Military service.

I did sixteen years folks, in Service to Uncle Sam, three branches of Service too, Army, Army National Guard Connecticut and Navy. I am proud of my military service and many who know me, know it too.

Today I am 63 years old, a Disabled retired Veteran, I have six bad herniated discs in my back and arthritis throughout my body, I am a lung cancer survivor also. I also have PTSD from Service and childhood, I deal with too.

Yet it does not stop me from taking care of my wife, my home, and caring on. I have been dealing with a wife, with breast cancer that has metastasized to her bones since 2005. Doctors, Tests, blood draws, chemos and now immunotherapy sessions. I am not going anywhere folks, I will not leave my wife, or let her stay alone in this fight and no man or woman who gets married should ever do that to their spouse. So, we fight on and on each day and night.

Now before anyone says anything, like why am I writing this, well, it’s a break from the politics of 2019 see.

Let me close with a link to my lil books I wrote on Amazon Ebooks. I am not a great writer, but I do write some.

This is my Author’s page. I usually sell my lil books for .99 cents a shot or under 5.00 bucks for sure. They are not big books they are shorts for sure. some have a review on them, many don’t and people ignore them. But, it’s not whether I get rich from them or not or even if they sell, it’s just to express myself sometimes or tell a story, or for fun.

I hope all who read this will at least take a look at the Author’s page I have and my list of lil books. God Bless All!

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