Will it affect Trump supporters then and will it affect the 2020 Election coming up?

We have seen at least 16 women claim Donald Trump inappropriately touched them, and now with the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein the Billionaire, we hear how Trump raped a thirteen year old girl at a party. If it is true and more than likely it could be, then doesn’t Trump deserve to be charged and prosecuted too!

There is no time limit on child sex abuse in New York or on a Federal Level folks. if Trump did rape a thirteen year old he needs arrested, as soon as possible and taken down. A child rapist is the worst one can be, and if he gets convicted and put into jail system, he wouldn’t last long. Ask any convict, a child molester or rapist is hated by all in prison, no matter what sex they are, and the inmates do go crazy when they find out.

These rumors of Trump, sexually harassing, touching inappropriately, or raping women and girls have been around for decades now and no one has bothered to fully investigate if they are true. Trump’s female victim list grows each day in the american news, and no law official has taken the time or effort to track down whether any of it is real or true.

If this were an average citizen on the streets of New York or any city in the united states who was not the President of the United States, a thorough investigation would be done and they would have been picked up already. We have a serial female attacker in the White House people and he needs to face charges and be punished.

With Jeffrey Epstein now in custody and arrested and in a jail cell ready to face a court and jury in the future, and him being Trump’s friend, how long do you believe it will take for Epstein to make a deal for less jail time, and give up information in exchange? How long will it take for more facts to come out about these parties and Trump’s participation in them? If they do come out, what will the Justice Department, the State of New York or other agencies do, like the FBI about Trump’s participation or involvement?

Tell me now, whether you are a Trump Supporter or not, do you believe a rapist, or child molester should stay President of The United States and be protected by the Constitution if he is guilty? Do you believe an American President should be allowed to get a pass on charges such as rape, child molestation, sexual harassment and more? I wonder folks, and what kind of example will this set for others, who do the same crimes and get 20 years for them?

Donald John Trump has many such accusations against him and surrounding him and he is being protected by others close to him and the fact he is President only. What will happen when Jeffrey Epstein starts talking to save his own self time in prison? Will he tell of Trump being there and participating in these parties and the rape of this girl who was 13 years old? If he does, will it affect Trump supporters then and will it affect the 2020 Election coming up?

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