Please, do not Re Elect Donald J. Trump

I grew up with a mother who was a die hard catholic attendee in her young days and into her twenties. Her parents, my grandparents were Canadian french background people, one came from Quebec the other from Montreal.

Anyway they were big church goers, and it was passed down to their children of course and my mother was a devout catholic when I was born. My father was a man, of Scottish background, and came from New Jersey, and his parents yes came from Scotland. They too were devout Catholics, so as a child I and my elder brother were both baptised in the Roman Catholic Church. As we grew up we were placed in Sunday School and made to study the religion as it goes. It was all a part of growing up in 1960’s America for us.

My step Father was an Albanian man, who was a muslim and who did not attend any church, he would pray in his own home when he felt he needed it.

When I reached fourteen years old, my step-father, told us kids you can now make up your own minds, you can attend church or not, of your own free will now.

We all stopped going to a roman Catholic Church then and there as to why my siblings didn’t go I do not know as to why I didn’t go, well I had my reasons.

The Catholic Church is riddled with problems of all kinds to do with sexual abuse by priests, against children. We see it everyday in the newspapers and on television and elsewhere. Priests accused of touching children, Headlines at 6 pm, the Church transfers Priest from location to location due to the problem and to keep them in the faith filling the positions needed to keep their religious organization going.

The sexual abuse problem was one reason why I left the Roman Catholic Church, the second is the way the Church makes it’s money. It collects it by passing a plate in the church during services, and asks for donations and people put what they can in it’s baskets. Sadly, this is pandering, and to me it’s wrong for a church to be doing.

In the 1960’s, I was forced to make Communion and Confirmation in the Catholic religion by my mother. I have an old photograph of my elder brother and I in out Church gown from the day we did it. I would go to Sunday School and sit in the classes and listen to the talks about Jesus and God and The Bible they preached. While they preached I was doodling and drawing pictures of crosses on hills and such. I didn’t pay attention to it really, I just knew I had no choice in being there.

I watched as the Roman Catholic Religion and Church changed, the Gothic Churches stayed put and new modeled were built and raised. The masses were changed from the Roman Language of Italian to American English, to make them sound better to all and understandable. They preach the same things and say the same things everyday in a Roman Catholic Church, and on each Sunday too. Repetition is what they give you and many like that and don’t check or investigate it any further then what they see in church or hear there.

Because of my doubts and dislikes regarding the Catholic Church I left the church to never return at age fourteen. I remember being 15 years old when I had my first argument with someone regarding religious beliefs.

I was at a friends home when the subject came up and I said, I don’t do church, and I don’t believe in the religion. It set off a discussion with my friends mother, who was a die hard catholic. she told me of Creation and God and Jesus andI asked well, where did God come from then and who is this mighty being and how did he come about? she couldn’t answer the question, so I said I believed in Evolution and Darwin theories. well in the end the argument gotso bad she banned me from her home for two years.

Here is my point, this is america, we have religious freedom to worship and believe in what we wish. We also have freedom of speech to say what we please, write what we wish and be who we want. No one can change my opinion of the Catholic religion or the Church not even the Pope himself if I met him. Nor can my opinion of Trump change!

Religion comes in many forms folks, and many faiths and beliefs, just like humanity is made in all forms, colors and sexes. Each of us, have to make choices in life as to what we wish to believe in and what we wish to follow or not follow and these choices make us who we are present day in the stage of the life we now live.

So, I don’t condemn the Catholic Church nor, do I say don’t attend it to people, I just choose to be me and keep to my own beliefs period. I don’t need a man made church to pray to God, I don’t need to make donations to a Religion to keep it going in Church or otherwise, and I don’t approve of a religion filed with sexual predators for Priest.

I don’t force my views on anyone, nor do I like when someone forces theirs on me. So I understand when people say don’t talk in mixed company about Religion or Politics. I learned at a young age it is a dangerous subject and people get angry over it for sure, if it is religion, or politics.

My arguments about Politics today in my blogs and in the day to day news, are not meant as attacks on Trump, or the Republican party. I argue the facts of what Trump has done or has not done, ok. I argue the things like his lying, his colluding, his obstructing justice, his mismanagement of the Government of the American People. I argue facts of his life, how he dodged the draft four times, and committed bankruptcy four times. How he stood before the American People and the world and asked Russia to find Hillary’s emails and they did it four or five hours later. How the russians paid for ads to support Trump in the 2016 election cycle and that russian rubles were spent to elect him.

I bring this up because some Trump supporters like to say I am personally attacking Trump, I am not, I am attacking the corruption, dishonesty and lies he is producing and trying to get america to discover for themselves the honest truth, Donald John Trump is indeed the biggest threat and danger to America, it’s democracy and the Republic as a whole. Just as the Catholic Church is a danger that to me, brainwashes and threatens children worldwide and takes money from the poor, period.

So when I write that Donald John Trump is destroying America from within, at the instruction and as a puppet of Putin and Russia, it is how I honestly, see it.

Don’t make the same mistake twice Americans, whatever you do, Please, do not Re Elect Donald J. Trump, you are putting the Democracy and Republic at stake doing so, and he is killing our standing in the world, and our way of life as a Nation.

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