Welcome to the biggest pile of shit in American History— Donald John Trump Liar supreme!

As we move along in 2019, we have to ask ourselves a question we need the answers to!

How Many People, will get convicted, and serve time that are associated with the Trump Campaign?

Let’s start with the ones already convicted; George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, Alex Van der Zwaan, Richard Pinedo. All now convicted of crimes for helping to elect Donald Trump get President of The United States.

Konstantin Kilimnik, 12 Russian GRU officers.

Roger Stone currently under trial also for his association with Trump and crimes committed.

Two dozen overseas Russians, indicted for illegal acts concerning Trumps Campaign also!

Sam Patten also, force to cooperate on matters concerning Trump.

Now I ask you one question here Trump supporters, Trump Loyalists, if Trump is innocent of anything and everything as you all believe, then why are 21 , yes I say 21 people now under indictment or convicted of crimes associated with his election?

I think any logical person will understand or come to understand that Donald John Trump ran his own campaign for President, he said it himself many times. He knew everything that happened in his election process and he was in charge of it all. So why, are all these individuals, being convicted and cooperating with Justice Investigators if Trump did nothing wrong?

There is an old saying, if you stink like a skunk, you have been sprayed by one or you are one! The smell of crimes surround all of the above individuals and they all surrounded one man Donald J. Trump, they worked for him to be elected President, at his direction and orders. It stinks high heavens of Trump, being Guilty as sin.

Then we see the connections to Russia and Putin and the obvious speech of him talking to Russia about Hillary’s emails that he said were missing, and five hours later they breach her computers and servers, at his direction. That’s Collusion, folks period. Hillary Clinton was correct, he is a Putin Puppet!

Then we have Obstruction of Justice with the firings of Sally Yates, James Comey, and his trying to protect Michael Flynn. Let’s be realistic here ok, why fire Yates and Comey if not, for protecting Flynn? You tell me!

He avoids and blocks Congressional Subpoenas from House Committees and Senate Committees also, to keep former White House Employees from talking why?

He has hidden his tax returns now, never showing them to anyone. After he said he would show them. No tax audit takes over 3 years folks.

My step-father, spoke plain english and was a down to earth man, he had an old saying: If it stinks like shit and lays there like shit, it is shit! Welcome to the biggest pile of shit in American History— Donald John Trump Liar supreme!

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