Come November 3rd, 2020, Vote Trump Out!

Time to straighten out a few things for some people out there, who call me a Trump Hater or Libertard or whatever.

  1. I do not hate America, I love my country, I served her for 16 years in three branches of the military and the records can be found and I own 4 Honorable Discharges for it too and am a Disabled Veteran because of it too!
  2. I do not personally hate Donald John Trump, I hate what he has done all his life, lie, cheat, steal, and do criminal acts like rape and sexual harassment to women.
  3. I hate the fact he lies to the American People on average 24 times per day.
  4. I hate the fact a draft dodger, who never served one day, is now the Commander in Chief of the United States of America.
  5. I hate the fact a man who is unstable, inept,dangerous and volatile, is the man with his finger on the nuclear button in America.
  6. I hate the fact he attacks women constantly and treats them like garbage with no respect.
  7. I hate the fact Trump colluded with Russia and Putin to win the 2016 Presidential election, and that he lies about doing so.
  8. I hate the fact he Obstructed Justice so many times, we can’t count them anymore and that the ten times documented in Mueller’s report didn’t get read by all!

That all said for all you people who call me a libertard, a blooming liberal or anything else, I will state this here and now. The Mueller Report if read clearly, without bias by all, proves Trump was in contact with Russia to win the 2016 Election, it proves he Obstructed Justice and tried desperately to stop Robert Mueller’s Investigation and Report from ever seeing daylight.

In the end let me ask one question for all americans to understand and make clear what I am saying here.

Should a man, who avoided the draft and lies about it, who faked bone spurs in his feet to avoid it, who lies to America daily on an average of 24 times a day and colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election and needed the russians to beat Hillary Clinton, be President, really?

Here is how I see this now, we are past the need to Impeach Stage, we are in the criminal acts and prosecution stages regarding Trump. The only reason Trump was not charged or Indicted out of The Mueller Probe/ Investigation is the clause/law that says a sitting President can not be charged, period. If Robert Mueller could have charged Donald Trump he would have, I am sure.

Robert Mueller is in six days about to enter the Congressional Arena to testify before Committees of Congress for two days, on July 17th and 18th, 2019, or maybe one day I am not positive. Watch closely how he cooches his words, how he says things and why he says them. Listen to Robert Mueller, listen to the questions, pay attention to them please. For I believe what you will hear is simple and true, Robert Mueller and his team of Investigators and Prosecutors, could not and did not clear or exonerate Donald John Trump when it comes to Collusion with Russia or Obstruction of Justice. Mueller will state it for the world to hear again, I am sure and answer all questions.

Robert Mueller is an Honorable Man, who served America in the Marine Corps folks, he served America in many Offices through different Presidents. He has no personal vendetta or argument with Donald John Trump and he did his job with the Report.

As Congress has said, the Committee Chairs, have all said, Mueller did the job required and requested of him, without bias or prejudice or discrimination.

Watch Mueller folks, 8am, July 17th, 2019 on CNN and other news channels. The Truth wins out people, it shall be told and known by the world and all Americans soon enough.

A President does not bother firing his Administration members, nor does a President Obstruct Justice, Collude with Russia and Putin, lie to America so boldly, and block subpoenas, and people who worked in the White House from testifying, if he is not Guilty and hiding something!

One last thing for all to consider too, Donald John Trump, was a close personal friend of the accused serial child rapist and Abuser ,Jeffrey Epstein folks, while Epstein was partying with underage girls. He paid Epstein to get him girls for a calendar girl event at Mar A Lago. You know there is a very old saying, if it smells like dung, looks like dung and lays there and stinks, it is dung, welcome to the dung in The White House, call in the clean-up crews!

We are out of time for Impeachment Proceedings yes, I agree, but, America must know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth now, and forever, and we must stop Trump from getting a second term. If he wins a second term he escapes Justice for the crimes he committed while he is President, he knows it. If he gets his second term the time limits run out and he escapes, that’s why he wants a Second Term folks, no other reason.

He killed ObamaCare and dumped millions off healthcare coverage, he put his name on a wall that will never be built just painted and made pretty with a plaque thats says his name on it. Why, Ann Coulter told him, “Mr. President you don’t build the wall, you have no Legacy”

He failed to bring jobs back to America as promised and Ford and Chevy and others are shutting plants and laying off workers. Apple is not coming to America to make their products folks they are staying overseas. so don’t tell me he is bringing jobs in. Your malls have no stores in them and prices of items are beginning to rise. The economy you have is not Trumps’, it is left over from Obama’s Days and it is staggering because of Trump.

He failed in North Korea, they are now a Nuke Power, he gave North Korea a seat at the world table. He is failing in Iran, they are making uranium and will be making nukes next. He failed in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and has isolated us from the world with pulling us from the Paris Climate Pact, the Tariff’s he has imposed also. He killed NAFTA and went after The United Nations who laughed at him when he spoke there. He wants to pull us out of NATO folks, the Alliance that we have had since the World Wars, that stabilized the world. he has angered so many countries, with his tariffs, including Mexico, Canada, Britain, France and more.

Think, Please, Stop and Think, Do You Truly Believe, Trump is correct for America, that he is innocent of all charges regarding Collusion and Obstruction and Lies? I don’t and can’t believe that.

Put it all together folks, add it up and you will conclude like I am, no one does all of the above and obstructs justice, colludes and blocks testimony and subpoenas from Congress without having a reason, to do so. He is Guilty in all ways.

Come November 3rd, 2020, Vote Trump Out!

One thought on “Come November 3rd, 2020, Vote Trump Out!

  1. The Daily News Index: Deborah Rolon: Editor/Creator

    In some newspapers you may see a statement that the opinion column is the personal views of the writer.

    While this is true, obviously Bill is supported here or TDNI would not be posting his opinions on his own page.

    Personally I think it is time for more of us to speak out and be heard .

    If your not in agreeance or have something to say, be happy to post your rebuttal, just email or


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