Mueller comes Forth/ New Orleans, Isolation!

News Agencies World Wide, on television and radio and in the papers all hunger for stories to fill their time and places in their papers or air times. They will report anything that is controversial, that stands out, or is related to famous people or the current Presidency in America. We have seen it in many ways, over many times, politics seems to out interest, weather problems, disasters and more.

The end result is many times, serious situations, like the flooding and water rising in New Orleans gets overlooked or not covered enough. It needs covered, it needs explained to all americans, that New Orleans a cultural haven for many things and types of people is flooding and maybe dying, due to global warming, hurricanes and more. Few people pay attention to it on the news reports, why simple, it is overshadowed by Trump’s antics, his play for attention and distraction from his political perils and dangers coming up, like Robert Mueller’s testimony on July 17th, 2019.

Personally, I watch the news all the time and see many articles and interviews and different pro and opposers to Trump fight it out. The fight is over really, Trump has a reputation and he won’t change a thing, he can’t it’s him. he was raised the bigot, discriminating, prejudice, narrisit, he is by his parents and is stuck that way. The real question is how long America will put up with it.

That being said, I wonder how much damage will happen to New Orleans, how far under water it will end up, how far the ocean levels will rise as no one does anything to help curtail climate change, Trump doesn’t believe in it folks. So as the waters rise, and icebergs up north and at the south pole, begin to fall apart and melt into the oceans and the waters rise on the land masses, how long before it overcomes the land masses we live on? Ask, the scientist folks, it’s real and it’s coming for me and for you. we have abused Earth the only planet we know that can sustain our type of life for far too long, we stripped it of its resources and polluted it so badly it is finally giving in and reacting in a way, mankind will be sorry, it started. Sadly, we are going to run out of land masses to live on, water to drink and places to live if nothing is done to reverse or at least slow down the process. New Orleans is a place that has history, it has culture, it has style, it has grace and it has music and arts, you don’t see anywhere else. How far will the waters rise, how many american will die in New Orleans from the flooding and hurricanes there? Will Trump and our government react and help them? I sure hope so and soon!

That being said, let’s talk news, and air waves, and what is being said about Donald John Trump nowadays. Donald John Trump, stole the Presidency with the help of Russia and Putin, his puppet master in the 2016 election. Don’t let it happen again folks, it’s a sad, sad, state of affairs now and will only get worse if he gets a second term and escapes justice for the crimes he has committed in Office and before taking Office as President.

CNN, FOX, HLN, ABC, NBC, CBS all the major networks I am sure will be lit up and covering Robert Mueller’s Testimony to Congress on July 17th, 2019. This is a man who was hired to do a job and did it, and then had it released and altered by William Barr and Donald Trump, so it didn’t look like what it started as and what Mueller meant it to be. They twisted it, changed it and made it look like Mueller said Trump was innocent of everything, it’s a lie. Mueller and his team did not clear Donald Trump of Collision, they did not clear Donald Trump of Obstruction of Justice. In Fact Mueller said and Iquote for all to hear and see here, “If we could have cleared Donald Trump of Collusion and Obstruction of Justice, or any involvement in it we would have!” That doesn’t sound like The Mueller Team found Trump innocent at all to me!

Trump may scream No Collusion, No Obstruction, he’s been cleared all he wishes, come July 17th, 2019, the truth will hit the television, radio and newspapers of America. Then America will see and have to know, why Trump made up things to distract from Mueller Testifying on July 17th, 2019, and plugged in his border wall fight which he lost, his census fight which he lost. He is distracting from the facts and Mueller’s testimony, and trying to get a second term by delaying the truth from coming out. If he gets a second Term, he will be protected from facing charges of any kind, time limits on the laws and charge will run out. Don’t let it happen americans, don’t let the worst President in american history, escape justice!

As, the Country turns and fights in upon itself now, Trump haters and Trump supporters at each other’s throats, we see the oceans rising, the air being polluted more, and the economy Trump is so proud to say that is great, and not his really, carrying on, we are lucky, for OBama built it to last. Trump slowly eats at it, killing Healthcare, tariffing the world and allies and enemies alike. Making more enemies for america and pacifying Dictators also.

He has failed Trump, in North Korea, they have the nukes now, he failed in Iran they are making uranium and will make nukes, he failed in Afghanistan we are still there, he failed in Iraq, they hate him. He tariffied our allies to the North and south of us also. Isolating America from the world is not what we need. Sadly, we are now more isolated, more standing alone, than any other time in American History because of Trump.

It’s a sad day in America, and needs to be changed. Period!

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