My Sunday Rant !

Today, this Sunday Morning, someone with more pull, power, knowledge and a position people listen, more to than I, is telling the world, President Donald Trump, pulled America out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama set up, out of vindictiveness and revenge against Obama. Now, mind you he is now the former British Ambassador to the USA, the man who said it, but, I am sure he would not have said it, without evidence or proof to back it up. As this has hit the airwaves of television and radio worldwide, President Trump will like all else, come out and deny it, I am sure.

Donald J. Trump, only ran for president as a joke and for fun when he did it and because President Barack H. Obama, embarrassed and humiliated him in public at a political dinner/ event on television one day. I saw it plain as day when it happened and I saw Trump’s face turn red in anger as Obama laughed at him.

The whole reason Trump ran for President wasn’t to help Americans, it was to prove he could get the office and destroy all Barack H. Obama did while President. His first attack was on ObamaCare/ The American Health Care Act. He tore it apart and shut down it’s networks and promised to replace it with something better, leaving millions without healthcare. He never once came up with a decent health care plan to replace it, if you point to Trump Care that’s just garbage.

He pulled us out of The Paris Accord for Climate Control and Environmental Protection to save earth’s atmosphere. Why, I have no idea and neither does anyone else! The Paris Accord was uniting all countries to lower pollution in the world and save the planet. Solar Power, Air Power, Electric cars all need to be implemented to save the planet we live on. Instead, Trump opened up fracking, is making more oil and fossil fuel products and slowly adding to the environmental wreck of the planet we live on. Our planet will be unlivable in a little over 100 years at the rate it is being wrecked and polluted.

Donald J. Trump is like a child who is petulant, vindictive,narcissistic, revengefull and stubborn, who stomps his feet, yells and screams he wants it his way, till he gets it is all. Nancy Pelosi handles Donald Trump the way all adults should handle him, as an unruly child out of control, throwing temper tantrums and misbehaving and putting him in his place just like his mom would have, years ago. Sadly, Nancy Pelosi is the only one who seems to understand this about Donald John Trump, and who has been able to implement her way of handling him. I wish more would listen to Speaker Nancy Pelosi when it comes to handling President Donald Trump, because he is like a spoiled rotten child, in the ways he acts and behaves.

Trump has torn at everything, Obama had built or participated in building while in office. His anger and vindictiveness and his destructive path is sad.

Yet, Trump wants to claim responsibility for the economy, that Obama really built and say he’s the reason it’s so great. I remind all he didn’t bring back the jobs, he said he would from overseas. He didn’t create any new manufacturing jobs, or retail jobs, our malls are empty, stores are closing, blue collar auto maker jobs are being laid off, and white collar ones too. The Auto Industry is hurting folks, no one can really afford to buy new cars no more, more are driving older models than ever before. He didn’t get Apple to ring their jobs here either, he failed.

The farmers of America are sitting on stockpiles of grains and products they can’t sell. They are being subsidized by Trump and our Government to survive. The farmers now are realizing what Trump is doing with his Tariffs and his trade limits. As more and more farmers go down, and can’t keep running farms, other countries start raising prices on goods and selling them to America at a higher cost. It’s a sad cycle folks, and Trump has brought all of it about. Your food cost will rise, Your clothing cost will rise and your fuel/ oil cost too.

As we near the next Presidential Election in America, the above are some of the things many need to consider before voting, come November 3rd, 2020, we are not that far away folks, not to consider all of it.

As President Donald Trump is losing his fight to scare people off the census, and to control redistricting of the states due to it, we now know why he fought for it so hard. He wants to knock brown and black people off the voting lists folks. He wants to control the Electoral College through all of this. he is working to influence, the redistricting of America at the ground level to control voters. Don’t let him!

Is there enough evidence for America to Vote Trump Out of Office come November 3rd, 2020, I think so, but Trump plays a game of distraction, redirection and avoidance. he thinks he can use Immigration, The Wall on the Southern Border to distract all from the honest truths about his Presidency. He can’t it won’t work.

Soon enough, even if his Testimony has been moved back one week, Robert Mueller will step up to the plate in Washington, in front of Congress and the television and tell all Americans and Congress the truth of his Report. He will tell you all, Trump was not cleared by his report of Collusion, and Obstruction of Justice, Robert Mueller said it in his report, and he said it on national television too already once, I quote him here, “If, We could have cleared the President of crimes with this report we would have.” That statement alone should tell America we have an illegitimate, illegal President in the White House now. How many more have to be indicted, arrested, convicted, before America gets it! How many more Russian connections and names must be produced, indicted, and associated with Trump and his 2016 Campaign, before America gets it, he colluded and worked with Russia and Putin to get the Presidency. Wake up folks! Hillary Clinton was correct, Trump is Putin’s Puppet!

As we await Mueller coming to Washington to testify, watch Trump closely as he gets more irritated, more nervous, more crazy in his thoughts and actions and as he makes up more stuff to distract from it happening, because he will.

You want proof of him distracting from all he does, watch how he avoids questions about his buddy Jeffrey Epstein , who is sitting in a New York Jail cell for trafficking and having sex with young girls 13 years old. He doesn’t want to talk about him or that, because he is unsure if Epstein will tell the courts about Trump’s Calendar Party and his playing with a 13 year old girl at Mar A Lago with Epstein. The accusation is there folks, and Trump knows it and he is waiting to see if Epstein will talk and blab to save his own ass, a life in prison. This is how predators and criminals make deals folks, they save information on the rich and famous, to use to get out of life sentences.

That said, it is time to finish this today, I have ranted, I have raved, I have said all I want to for now. Soon enough I will watch Mueller on television answer questions from Congress and Trump try to distract, dodge, avoid, and call all Mueller says is a lie and cry how the Democrats are out to get him. It will happen folks watch!

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