We need an America for all!

Recently, someone I knew in the past and was a shipmate with in the Navy, sent me a message to take him off my list, so he would not get my blog anymore. His reason was he didn’t want to hear me attacking President Donald Trump anymore, he told me he believes those of us who speak out against Donald Trump, the way I do, are hurting Trump’s Presidency and making it harder for Trump to accomplish anything.

To all who believe the above like my shipmate friend, opinions are part of America’s newspapers, blogs and news casts. They are on radio and television daily, they are not affecting how Donald Trump acts or how he does the job, they are pointing out why he should not be President and why we need a new President, period. Nothing I say as a blogger, or in an opinion piece on the internet or on the news, in any medium will change what Trump says and does, we don’t affect his decisions, we discuss and tell how we feel about them, period.

That said for those who feel the same and are protecting Trump, I hope it is understood, freedom of press, freedom of speech, is a basic right in America. I agree with this in more ways than one for sure. Just as some disagree with my blogs and tell me so, I disagree with many things Trump does as President and as a person.

I will never defend an immoral, unethical,, racist,discriminating, prejudice, narcissistic, President of the United States on any grounds. These women, he attacked in his racial rant on Twitter, represent whole districts and cities and towns of American People who voted them into office. Three out of four were born in America and the fourth became an american Citizen and ran for the offices, they hold.

For an American President to state for them to go home to their own countries, the way Trump did is sad, it’s embarrassing, it’s humiliating and it points out his racial hatred, for anyone who is not of the white or caucasian race.

America is built on Immigrants folks, it is a country of mixed cultures, colors and personalities. Sadly, we have an American President who is a racist, and a bigot and inept, incapable and a petulant child, narrist, who does not have the ability to be President or to treat all americans equal.

Well, we are now seeing Donald John Trump’s true colors so to say, and I wonder now, how many African Americans will still vote Trump come November 3rd, 2020? I wonder why no Republican Senators, or Congressmen and women have stepped forward to condemn his racist comments?

Will the Republican Party still back Donald John Trump for re-election come November 3rd, 2020, after his angry, racist rants,and speech against those of color in America, when he told people of color to go home,to the place from which they came from? Donald Trump, they are home, they are Americans!

This is not what America needs as a President, a racist, bigot,narcissistic person with no people skills, no real knowledge of the world and how it operates and of such lack of morals and ethics and caring!

If America re-elects Donald John Trump come November 3rd, 2020, we will be condoning his behavior, his hate speech and his actions against those of our fellow americans who are of color. If all, of all colors and races in America don’t get what I am saying here, then shame on those who don’t. I grew up in a mixed neighborhood in the projects here in a connecticut city. I believe all of us, who grew up together, are better for knowing each other and getting along with each other.

America will destroy itself if Trump gets a chance to start a racial war! We all must coexist to survive and make the country work the way it was intended by the Founding Fathers of America. We don’t need hate mongering speeches, racist slurs, and more division, we need uniting, and we need an America for all!

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