DONALD J.TRUMP, must not get a second term as President of The United States!

I was born in the 1950’s, and I was too young to remember Senator Joseph McCarthy, but I read of his rants, his shows he put on with his list and accusations of Communist in our Government. His baiting of communist and people in his hearings was unbelievable back then,

But to have Trump now doing the same on race, and attacking people of color in 2019 America as President is unbelievable also.

Before I go much further the comparison between McCarthy and Trump is simple they both spoke hate speech, they both baited the people they attacked and they both told them to go home, in the same way.

It is sad and hard to believe an American President, would attack American congresswomen on the basis of the color of their skin in modern America in 2019. No American, despite the color of their skin or nationality, should not be angry, upset and determined now to remove Trump from the Presidency.

Trump has now proven he is a a racist, a white supremacist, a narcissistic, idiot, unintelligent, and illegal president, for all to see. He is an unstable, idiot running America and whats worse is, he has his finger on the nuclear buttons and codes.

His actions you are seeing and his words are his way if distracting from his illegal acts as President, his breaking the laws by colluding with russia to get the Presidency and his Obstruction of Justice also. The same with his push for a wall, between the USA and Mexico, it’s a distraction folks, a way to make people look one way when they should be looking the other. he distracts using these items, because shortly, Robert Mueller will testify in front of Congress on live television. When that happens and Mueller tells everyone publicly, he could not clear Trump of Collusion or Obstruction of Justice and presents the evidence, Trump knows the snowball effect will happen, on Impeachment.

Trump is not taking on Nancy Pelosi anymore either folks, if you noticed he has backed off of doing so. Why, simple Nancy Pelosi is the only one holding back the growing tide of Impeachment, from getting Trump. He knows she is the only one stopping the flood of Impeachment, from drowning Trump.

I have one other thing to discuss here, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Let me say this for Senator Lindsey Graham to call these four congresswomen of color, communist is totally off base and crazy. He needs to shut up and back off.

What happened to Lindsey Graham in Russia is the real question to ask here? Before he made his Russia trip, Graham was one person, after he has become a raging crazy man, in support of Trump why? What happened in Russia, did he get introduced to a Russian Prostitute, Did he get blackmailed ? Does Putin and Russia have videos of Lindsey Graham in compromising positions in Russia? Or was Lindsey Graham brainwashed over his stay in Russia, or is he about to become Putin’s second puppet in America and get paid for, in someway too! This needs to be looked into regarding Lindsey Graham’s behavioral changes, since he visited Russia.

America has never had a President, so illegal, so, illegitimate, so racist, so narcissistic, so dishonest and lying, so much of a con man, and criminal in Office in American History! Donald John Trump needs to be removed from office and as soon as he can, by either Impeachment or by his loss in the 2020 election, arrested and put in an orange jumpsuit behind bars!

Before Trump three Presidents faced Impeachment, Andrew Johnson, for firing Edwin Stanton Secretary of War, Richard M. Nixon for Watergate, and William Jefferson Clinton for lying and a blowjob, lol! Trump has committed crimes and misdemeanors, bigger in number and size then all three of these Presidents combined!

Colluding with Russia is a Treasonous Offense folks, Obstruction of Justice is a Criminal Act against the American People, lying to Americans daily as your President is a crime also. He has no morals, no ethics, no ability to communicate with people and because of all of the above, he has no real act, bill, or law he has truly accomplished as President. In Order to accomplish anything as President one must be able to compromise, communicate, negotiate, and get along with others and one must be able to play well with others, despite differences!. Donald John Trump is a failure as President, he is a failure as a businessman, four bankruptcies prove it, he is a draft dodger not once but four times, and his daddy paid for the letters to keep him out of service. I can honestly say this to all out there, I find it amusing, that I personally have five Honorable discharges from the U.S. Military and Donald Trump has none and only four letters of bone spurs from a Doctor who lied. Sad.

Let me finish this way for all to understand: DONALD J.TRUMP, must not get a second term as President of The United States! He has failed miserably in his first term and even corrupted and sold out America to Russia our biggest enemy!

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