Trump’s Rants !

July 2019 is rolling right along, today is the 17th.

Things are happening in the world now, that should never be happening and are caused by mankind period. Climate Change is real folks, as real as the icebergs in the north pole and Alaska’s melting and falling into the oceans, causing, rises in ocean levels and reductions of land masses, across the world.

As the Climate changes happen, the atmosphere gets more polluted, the oceans rise, weather patterns become worse in many areas, as some are covered in rains and floods and other areas go through droughts, they have never experienced. Yet, world leaders including America’s sit and say no such thing as Climate Change and take no reaction to it at all. If mankind does not attempt and get serious about cleaning up the planet we live on the planet will surrender to the pollution we do to it and we will have no place to live. I remind all, Earth is the only planet in our area or known to man with the ability to support human life!

OK, that said, let’s discuss Trump’s racist rants and why he does them and what he is doing here. 1) To tell anyone to go back to the country they came from, is indeed a racist rant period. I don’t care what color, what nationality they are, no one who was born in America or is a naturalized citizen should be told this in America and least of all by a sitting United States President. No matter why he said it, Donald John Trump definitely outed himself fully as a racist, bigoted individual who does not deserve to be President, Period! I fully agree with The House of Representatives, voting against what he said and making it an official record of the Government.

I do not wish to get into what is coming next, as the Mueller Testimony, on the Mueller report nears, but I will say this, Trump will lash out, attack anyone and everyone he can, no matter sex, or color or race or reason, to distract, avoid, hide from the facts and try to win a second term as President. If he gets a second term he avoids criminal prosecution for his Colluding with Russia and Putin, and his Obstruction of Justice charges, because the time limits will expire, it is the only thing he wants right now.

My wish is simple I want to see him arrested and charged with Collusion with Russia as a High Crime of Treason. Because that is what it really is when you use an enemies money and resources to win a Presidential Election and steal the Presidency. The term they use for Impeachment is High Crimes and Misdemeanors , Donald John Trump is guilty of both charges easily. The Collusion alone is a treasonous offense that in the days of our founders, would have found Trump hung or arrested and banished from America like Benedict Arnold of the Revolutionary War Period.

He has committed more serious crimes them Andrew Johnson, then Richard Nixon and William Clinton combined. Sadly, too many blind loyalist are following this man, and protecting him, like blind robots of servitude and like Hitler’s henchmen did in Germany. We are bordering on the second coming of Nazis here in America.

I used to watch an old show on television called the “A” Team, it had Mr. T on it playing a character who would say ” I Pity The Fool”, who, did whatever he didn’t like. Well, “I Pity the fools who support Donald John Trump and keep protecting him!” For you know not what you are protecting, Trump is a bigot, a racist,a narcissist,an illegitimate and illegal president who had the Presidency bought for him by Russia and is a Putin Puppet. He is destroying America from within and it is a sad time in America right now!

Donald John Trump, belongs in an Orange JumpSuit, behind prison walls and bars. he is the most illegal, corrupt President in American History.

What do you think the ForeFathers of America would think of Donald John Trump? What do you think George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, John Hancock and more would have done regarding Trump? I know what it would be, they would have went to the White House themselves, forcibly removed him and hung him for treason against the United States of America., for colluding with Russia, our number one enemy.

The only reasonable comparison to prove my point about Trump, is what happened to Benedict Arnold folks. He sided with and gave up military information to the British in our Revolutionary War. What happened to Arnold. simply put, Arnold ran from American Justice, to die in Britain, alone and crying to return to America, as he died in a Patriot Uniform of the American Military.

In Donald Trump’s case he should be arrested, charged,and convicted of all he has done, and then, once done, he should be shipped to Russia, to live with his allies and friends, the Russians and Putin, his Puppet Master.

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