It’s time African Americans, Hispanics, Asians out there, Stand Up and Fight Back Now!

I have heard and now seen the results of Trump’s Racist Rants against The Squad, I have also seen now, his rally where the crowd now chants send her back! Let me say this here and now, for all to hear and of it I have no damn fear, Donald John Trump is inciting racism, he is inciting hate, he is inciting bigotry, he is inciting anger and bringing to America a hatred that no one before him as President has seen or heard before or should hear again. It’s sick, it prejudiced, it’s discriminating and it’s sad, American’s are listening to him and then creating a chant like this, at a public rally!

What’s even worse is African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, are now wondering what will come next, will they be safe in America? This is white supremacist talk, and it has no place in America. I am asking all African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Chinese Americans and any other Americans who feel attacked by these rants and rally cries, to Vote Against Trump, get him out of the Presidency on November 3rd, 2020!

This is a vile attack on people of color, a vile racist attack that no one in America should support at all. I shake my head as I see and hear this, I served my country for 16 years, and have 5 yes I said five, Honorable Discharges from the military as Trump has nothing but a letter declaring him 4F, for bone spurs he never had. He disgusts me, he makes me as a white man feel ashamed, and makes me wonder what the hell people voted for him for. I didn’t that’s for sure and never will, he is destructing the United States Government from within and he has to go come November 3rd, 2020.

I served 16 years with all colors, all nationalities and we all did the same, defend and protect, America, and it’s people and it’s Constitution and our way of life. Trump serves no one except himself, his policies, his actions and his words are destructive to America and it’s way of life.

I ask all people of color, of black, of white, of brown, or asian, to Stand Up, Fight Back, Don’t Let Trump have Four More Years! I remind you, he doesn’t want you here, if you are not white, but don’t blame all caucasians, for one man’s actions and words. Stand Up, Fight Back People of Color, Stand Up and Let Trump know you won’t stand by and let him attack all of you for no reason other than skin color and race! It’s time African Americans, Hispanics, Asians out there, Stand Up and Fight Back Now!

If you don’t fight back, Trump wins and that would be horrible for all Americans!

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