The election process come November 3rd, 2020!

Twenty Democratic Candidates for President will hit the stage on July 30th and 31st, on CNN live to debate who is best for America’s future and their plans for it. While I personally believe the field of twenty is far too large to be a serious effect currently on Trump or the Republicans and is distracting, it is happening one more time.

Now, that being said, I think most Democrats know already who the real candidates will be and who they will vote for already based on 1) The way they carry themselves in debates, 2) The answers they give on subjects pertinent to the well being of America 3) Their knowledge of the laws and rights of America and all Americans period.

That all being said the way I see it is different than many Americans and Democrats, I believe. I do not see Twenty Candidates going much further in this cycle of Presidential Politics, they can’t for more than one reason. The first reason is, no one is going to financially support a candidate who can’t move themselves up in the polls or attract attention or stand their own ground on the issues. Money won’t keep flowing to people who can not make the needle move on the meters so to say.

The Issues as I see them will be, 1) American Safety and Wellbeing 2) Healthcare for all Americans 3) Equal Rights for all Americans 4) Right to Life Issues and the rights of women to have choices. 5) Jobs, once again we have a President who made promises and kept none, and people are losing jobs and money to Trump’s Tariffs he has imposed. 6) Foreign Affairs and Policy, we need someone who is friends with Nato, with Allies we have always had and one who communicates with intelligence and morals and values. 7) Climate Change, must be addressed now, time is running out as a heat wave hits us, and rains flood other places and the air gets worse and the oceans rise, it’s time to realize and acknowledge as well as act on all of it and save the only planet that can sustain human life Earth. For me these are the top issues and yes there are more, like, protecting Election Rights against attacks by russians and china and others.

To all Twenty Democratic Candidates, if you are not getting the money and backing needed to continue past these July Debates, than it is time to drop out, give backing to the candidate you believe most in and help get America back on track once more.

I thank Eric Swalwell for dropping out when he did because he didn’t have the funding and backing he hoped for, smart move. More should follow his example and soon I hope. For having 20 or more Democrats running around at one time is distracting, and confusing to all Americans not just the Democrats.

What we currently have in the White House must not win a second term, Donald Trump is a hate mongering, isolationist, who is a narrist, a white supremacist, a racist, a liar, a colluder, with Russia and an Obstructionist, guilty of Obstruction of Justice and yes, Collusion too. His rants of Lock Her up against Hillary were wrong, and his current rants he created of Send Her Back is wrong also. No American President in our History has been guilty of more crimes, more broken morals and ethics then Donald John Trump , period.

Once more I shall refer all to Historic facts,, three prior Presidents have faced Impeachment Proceedings for charges far less than what Donald John Trump has done.

  1. President Andrew Johnson, in the 1860’s after Lincoln died, fired Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, he was Impeached for doing so and it failed to remove him.
  2. President Richard M. Nixon, Impeached for Watergate Break-ins, lying,misuse of power, He ultimately was forced to resign by his own party.
  3. President William Jefferson Clinton, Impeached for lying to America about Monica Lewinsky and oral sex in the White House, as well as other issues. He did not get removed either.

Each President above has never colluded with Russia our sworn enemy to get The White House, they did not go to the lengths of Obstructing Justice that Trump is doing by blocking subpoenas from Congressional committees and ordering former White House Employees not to testify.

They did not openly make racist comments about Congressmen and women. They did not cause rants of hate to be played out across America, but Trump does. Sadly!

I know many will say, I am a Trump hater, a so called liberal bastard who hates republicans, it is false. I don’t hate all republicans or conservatives either. I loved John McCain, I loved Ronald Reagan at one time, I love Abraham Lincoln for all he did too and the history of it. We the American People need to act and make a change come November 3rd, 2020, for if we do not, we shall be stuck with Donald John Trump four more years and be dragged toward Communism, and toward the end of the American Democracy and Republic, the ForeFathers of America created.

I want all to stop and think before you run to the polls come November 3rd, 2020, where is America going now, why is it going where it is and who is taking us there?

What would George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and Sam Adams, and more of our Founding Fathers say about Trump, his actions and what would they have done about it in the 1700’s?

I remind all of what happened to Benedict Arnold, he commited treason by colluding with Britain during our Revolutionary War. He gave Britain American war plans and he failed. We still won, but Arnold was caught. He ran like the coward he was to Britain, wore their uniform and fought against America, and in the end he died in England a broken man in his Patriot Uniform of the United States, regretting what he had done. The point here is simple, but worse then Arnold was folks, Donald John Trump never wore an American Uniform, nor did he ever serve America in the Military, yet he colluded with Russia our enemy to get the Presidency of The United States of America and he has been Obstructing Justice and every investigation of it since he took office.

Back in the 1700’s in America, if such acts were found to be true or even an accusation made of them, our Forefathers would have acted upon all of it. They would have hunted down whoever did these acts, and brought them in to face the Justice they dished out back then.

Now, I am not going to say, that is what needs to be done today, in modern America, nor am I calling for that. I am calling for Donald John Trump to be removed from office by either Impeachment which I doubt will happen, due to a Republican Senate and time constraints, but by the election process come November 3rd, 2020!

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