Heat Wave! Climate Change!

As the Heat wave comes to the east coast and across America today, we have to wonder, why didn’t all the Governments and leaders of every country get together and fight climate change sooner?

Climate change is real folks and as Saturday July 20th, 2019, starts and the heat rises outside, I wonder, why people like Trump and others don’t want to believe in climate change. By not believing in climate change, what cost is it to be for humanity, that is not getting hit by it all. Heat will rise, people will die from heat stress, and more across the world, others will die from flooding like in New Orleans, while land masses, decrease in size due to rising ocean levels. The air becomes saturated with pollution and we see people in Japan and China having to wear face masks to survive and breath.

Climate change has been an issue since Al Gore was Vice President of the United States under Clinton. He spoke up, he told the world what was coming and he was laughed at for many years and at least two decades, now fewer are laughing and denying. Vice President Gore was correct ladies and gentlemen, we are facing a climate crisis and it can only get worse not better from here, so be ready to struggle to survive.

Across the world massive clean-ups of the water, land and air need done. How can mankind fight air pollution and allow, the environment of earth to restart itself or repair itself, do we know?

I do believe there is a solution to it and that we can save the planet, the only planet that supports mankind, by cleaning it up and being good to it again.

  1. All Fossil Fuel use will have to be ended first and foremost. The more fossil fuel burned, the worse the air will get with pollution and contaminants in the atmosphere.
  2. All garbage must be disposed of in proper ways so as not to not be being laying on mother earth. Recycle folks due it now, before you kill all sea creatures and much more.
  3. In the end we will need to create and be creative, to save the air and atmosphere we breathe. We know what mankind needs to breath and survive the question is how do we clean the air to return it to a normal condition for earth and us.
  4. We will need to create huge air filtering devices , run by solar power and clean energy sources. They will have to have large scoops, and large air suctions and pumps in them, the filters will have to gather and destroy the contaminants we have emitted. The air will have to be recycled through huge air plants like i am describing for the atmosphere to stay useful for mankind and the earth to survive.
  5. I suggest for those who may have the money and resources to do the above they start on the small scale first, experiment and design it small then, increase the size of the plants as you go.
  6. If anyone, wants to know where to put these plants to save the planet’s atmosphere and air, we should establish and build them over the top of dead oil fields as we shut them down. If necessary we can bury and cover the oil fields, and then build over them.

I know I sound like i have no idea about what I am talking about to maybe millions who may read this and who don’t agree there is climate change and a problem to face. Let me say this to those who doubt climate change now, the heat is rising, the oceans rise, the air we breathe is getting more polluted and the oceans are filling with plastics. Earth’s animals are dying off, species after species are disappearing, icebergs are melting and dropping into the oceans as the water levels rise, the land masses decrease, where will mankind go and how soon before we have nowhere to turn to?

I know President Trump says no such thing as Climate Change as many Presidents and people before him have too. Science says otherwise and so does the planet itself. Earth is struggling to survive folks, it will survive longer than mankind can on it, unless mankind cooperates and works in tandem with it, to preserve the resources, it has to maintain human life.

We need the world and America must lead the way to Preserve it!

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