Don’t Let Donald John Trump, Putin’s Puppet, destroy the best Democracy and Republic the world has ever seen.

President Abraham Lincoln, was a Republican, and if he were alive today, he would look at the Republican Party, yes The Grand Old Party or GOP and go, where have you gone? He would be ashamed of the Republicans and he would be against racist rants and name calling and finger pointing and more.

Abraham Lincoln was proud to represent the Republican Party, when he ran for President and he conducted himself with honor and honesty and gathered respect for doing so and became our sixteenth President because of it and his knowledge and self education. Lincoln led us in a time period of civil war, the north fought the south over many things among which was slavery, which he changed it to, in the end. Abraham Lincoln would look at Trump and go what the hell is this and who the hell, let this man be President! Lincoln would have asked America, what happened to common courtesy, respect, decency and honor, what happened to my freeing of the slaves, and why is Trump trying to start a racial war?

Republicans are cowards, in The Senate and House, they refuse to stand up to Donald John Trump and tell him he is wrong no matter what he says or does. They are gutless wonders, hiding under a banner called Trump’s Party, not The Republican Party, not anymore. Sadly, they fear and are scared he will have people primary them in their home seats and sections of the country and they will lose either, their Senate or House Seats to his picked person. Sadly, they don’t have the guts and brains to stand up and tell Trump to stop his racist bull and to act Presidential and unite the country not divide it! They sit back as Trump uses chants at his rallies, like” Lock Her Up” against Hillary and now “Send Her Home”, against the Squad in the House. I wonder what George Washington, Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson and John Hancock and more would think of such a man, being in the White House and being the most Powerful man on earth.

America is a country built on diversity of color, religion, and beliefs. We are stronger for it together, than, if we allow Trump to divide and conquer us all. Donald John Trump is heading into an area that can lead to a racial war in America, between whites and blacks and browns. He is antagonizing the African Americans and Hispanics , as well as Asians and women in general. he is dividing and trying to conquer all of us that way, it’s his way of trying to win the election, come November 3rd, 2020.

Now I am a caucasian man, yes a white man, I served with all colors in the Military for sixteen years. All who serve represent themselves, their country and their families and learn to get along with one another and don’t care about color just doing the job to save America. The military is a prime example of how all races, nationalities, should get along for one common cause, the country we love and live in.

I know and I have seen it in black faces on the streets now, on television now, at public events now, they are wary, they are angry and they are in fact, hiding it below the surface, but it is there. They are tired of a President who calls them names, tells them to go home to where they came from and they are becoming suspicious of all whites/ caucasians in America. African Americans are like, don’t you dare say it to me on the streets or in a public place, I won’t put up with it. The fact is they are reaching their boiling point/ breaking point and I do not blame them, when Trump is pressing this, pushing it and forcing the issue and making it fester publically.

I grew up in the Projects, I grew in a racially diverse neighborhood, we had all colors, all races, all nationalities, we went to school together we played together, we laughed together and we cried together. we all bleed red folks no matter the skin color, we all laugh the same, cry the same, get angry the same and want to live in peace. Lets live in peace please, don’t let one man, who is narcissistic, narrow minded, foolish, prejudiced and discriminating, idiotic and an isolationist, and the worst President in American History, push America into a racial war and destroy what the Founding Fathers created and we all love, America.

We all have the right to speak, we all have the right to religion of our choice, we all have the basic rights of liberty for all. Don’t Let Donald John Trump, Putin’s Puppet, destroy the best Democracy and Republic the world has ever seen. Don’t let him pit one color against another, one race against another and don’t let him use white supremist ideas, attitudes and words to destroy us all. We should as a people, yes the American people all unite and stand tall against him and come November 3rd, 2019, Vote him out of Office, before he destroys America and all that has been built and sustained over the last 243 years.

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