“The Truth Will Win Out”

We the People, remember that phrase, We the People in Order to form a more perfect union, it is in our Constitution ladies and gentlemen, yes, to form a more perfect union. Which means just what it says, we are all Americans, whether we are born in the United States on our soil or came here and became naturalized, we all belong here.

The United States Constitution does not say, one race runs the whole world or country, it does not say, one man is king, we broke from the rule of a King to become One Nation Under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all!

The forefathers, George Washington, Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and all the rest, did not deem anyone unwanted in America and they did not say what nationality or race or color could come to America, they welcome all, by saying Give us, your poor, and made them all welcome here.

We accepted every nationality under one nation and one flag and then we had people who went out and forced others to come here by way of boats and ships that went south and dragged Africans and others to America for use as workers and slaves. I disagree with what was done, and I hate slavery or disrespecting a person because of color or race or nationality and have all my life. I find it very sad that in 2019 America we are still having a discussion and fight over color, and race and nationality. There is no discussion or argument anyone can give to me, for me to accept that racial bullshit.

Black, White, Asian or any other makes no difference to me, you know why, I grew up in a project of people , in a world of all being included and all belonging and all doing what was right for one another. I didn’t grow up with white Supremist parents or parents who used the “N” word. and if it was used in our neighborhood, our parents would smack us and tell us all are humans, have respect. Learn to get along and survive together!

I want to state this one more time, color, race, nationality, are nice for heritage programs and personal knowledge to pass on, so people know where their predecessors came from originally, but have no bearing on American CitizenShip, and being an American. It is our flag we all honor, we all serve, we all protect and we all believe in period. We all, no matter who we be, no matter where our ancestors came from, live in and protect the Greatest Democracy/ Republic in the world, yes the best nation, ever made.

As President Trump tries his darndest to provoke, incite and cause damage to American Society by trying to turn people against each other, we have to remember, some basic simple facts.

1)We are all human beings!

2) We all laugh, we all cry, we all feel and hurt.

3) We bled the same color, we eat the same foods, we live in the same, type homes.

4) We all urinate and defecate in the same ways.

5) We all are Americans, born and raised here or nationalized, to be here.

6) We all serve in our Armed Forces, no matter race or color or nationalization.

I served for 16 years, no one said, I won’t listen to you, to a black officer in the military and got away with it, or a white officer, or an asian officer. we took orders from all and we served beside all, defending and protecting America period.

Let me say this to President Donald Trump, for a man who never served, and a man who dodged the draft, you have a lot of bullshit you shout out. You can’t do the job you were elected to do and you never could, even when you had both the Senate and House in your back pocket and all your party.

So I think you need to calm down, shut up and live out your term as President and then pack up and go home to Trump Tower and disappear from public life, till you die.

I am awaiting Wednesday, when Mueller a man with Honor, Service and Dedication to the United States, testifies before committees in Congress on National Television for all to see and hear. America will listen to him as he lays out the Report he wrote with his team, and as he reveals for all to see how many times Trump was in contact with Russia to get elected President, how many times he colluded with Russia and how many times he has Obstructed Justice and what they were. Then I want all to remember how many Subpoenas Trump has blocked an dtol dhis people not to respond to.

Donald Trump can point fingers at African American Congresswoman, call names all he wants, create chants and do whatever he thinks, he can to cause distractions, but just as a wise man once said many times before, “The Truth Will Win Out”. You can hide, you can dodge, you can try to avoid the truth, but when it hits, it wakes up, all who hear it and see it. The is no running, no hiding, no distracting, no avoiding now, Donald, Wednesday is coming!

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