I hope History paints the true story of Donald Trump as President

While Mueller’s performance at the Hearings yesterday, took 7 long hours, few give consideration to the fact, that Mueller did not look like the Mueller of old. He was tired, slow and sometimes confused, he was I believe, an ill man. I think Robert Mueller aged fast and may have the beginning signs of alzheimer’s or some other disease at this stage.

I admire Robert Mueller III, for his life, his record his dedication and honor, in all he has done for a living and in service to America.

Robert Mueller, did not write the full Mueller Report his team did,and they watched him closely during the hearings from behind him, and you could see concern in their faces for Mueller’s condition and his ability to stand up to the pressure and treatment by those asking questions. Yet, undaunting, he answered the questions he could and stood tall in the end before he left, stating he did not exonerate, Trump of Obstruction or Collusion for that matter. He stated it more than once, saying it repeatedly, clearly and loud enough for all to hear.

The Democrats did get what they wanted out of Mueller, and that is for him to say he could not clear Trump of the charges, period. He also said he could not indict Trump, due to a failure to find evidence enough to do so and the fact Trump is a sitting President.

All of the above said, what we have for the results of the Mueller hearings, is simple, Trump is guilty of collusion, although they can’t call it that legally, and he is definitely guilty of at least 5 counts of Obstruction Of Justice, possibly more. So, who really won the Mueller Hearings, no one folks, because Americans, are foolish, stubborn and at times ignorant, enough not to understand what it all meant, and what really happened.

The die hard Trump supporters won’t change, because he appeals to a lower educated class of people thats the first thing, the second thing is they are blind loyalist who would Vote Trump if he shot someone in the street. Trump nailed and scooped up these people in his initial run for President in 2016. I am hoping they will now see and realize what Trump has done criminally and how he has failed as a President, and not re elect him again in 2020.

I can answer some things for them in a simple matter here if they would read!

  1. Trump’s Campaign in 2016, worked with Russians to win him the Presidency, his son said yes to Russian help, the Trump Tower Meeting and the contacts with Russia by his people prove it.
  2. Trump stood before the American Public and the world and openly asked Russia to find Hillary’s emails, openly and boldly too.
  3. He has Obstructed Justice since he took office so many times it is hard to keep track of it. The five times shown in The Mueller Hearings prove it beyond anything needed to prove it, alone. Mind you they didn’t get to the other six, to show you all.
  4. His economic policy is not his own and never will be, he is living off of prior President’s programs and creations, and claiming it for himself.
  5. His so called Wall Building on the Southern Border is a fake and a lie. He isn’t building any wall he is repairing fences, painting them and putting up a plaque saying it’s his wall he built, so he has a legacy is all, as Ann Coulter told him.
  6. Trump’s foreign policy sucks period, he has alienated our allies, Britain, France, Canada, and yes, Mexico, as well as South American countries, by his actions and inactions at times and his Tariffs.
  7. Trump has isolated America from the world stage and we are no longer the leader in it, due to him. He pulled us from Nato, Nafta, and The Paris Accord. Sadly, he is isolating america just as Putin and Russia want.
  8. He has failed in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Each are moving forward with plans to build nukes, and test them and ignoring his false and empty threats he keeps throwing at them.

These are just my first eight reasons why I would never vote Trump. I have many more, like his friendship with a serial child molester and rapist in Jeffrey Epstein, his being accused by at least 16 women of rape and harassment and mistreatment. His inability to tell the truth at all, and his false business reputation he built which is a big lie too. He cheats his suppliers of services and parts out of money, every chance he gets.

Look, some Americans don’t. read, others don’t watch Television or listen to the news I get it. So, those of us who do read, watch tv or listen to radio, need to tell others, now, and here, Trump is a bad deal, he’s dangerous, he’s a loose cannon and has his finger on the nuke arms of the United States of America, if he pushes it, poof the world is gone.

Trump will not say one bad word about Putin, Russia, North Korea and Kim Jong Un, he backs the Saudi Prince who murdered an American Journalist and no one says a thing. This is what Americans want in a President? I mean really!

He’s racist, he’s a bigot, he treats women like garbage and talks trash about them daily. Americans are accepting this crap from a President, come on, wake up out there!

Donald John Trump is a racist, bigoted, sexist pig and a narcissist. He is a womanizer, a pervert and a criminal in many ways, but also a draft dodger, 4 times over.

Trump set the stage for his election, like a tv producer, and then directed the story and distracted using his opponent’s faults to hide behind. He tried to intimidate and scare Hillary Clinton during the debates and Americans laughed at it and let him get away with it, it was sad to see.

Robert S. Mueller III did his job as the Special Prosecutor, he gathered the facts, compiled them and submitted them as instructed to the Attorney General. Trump saw it coming so he fired Sessions and put Barr in place to control it all and stop any damage it would cause. It worked, because he is the President and can do it and no one could stop him. Sadly, it is now a part of History in America.

I just hope and pray, the American People can see it all clearly now, from The Mueller Report, from what I am writing here and will not let History Repeat itself.

I remind all Americans, if Donald John Trump gets a second term as President, he will be able to avoid the Limitation on the time limits of the crimes he has committed. Otherwise, he will go scot free if he gets re elected President.

Donald John Trump is playing the long game folks, he wants a second term as President to stay out of criminal charges, to run the time limits out so he will never be charged is all, he doesn’t care about the American People, he is worried about his own ass.

My only wish is that Robert S. Mueller III was still the Mueller of old and could have stood up to the stress and tension of testifying. I wish Mueller well and hope that if it is age, or alzheimer’s or any other disease afflicting him, the best I do. I admire Mr. Mueller, his record, hs actions and his service to America. That wasn’t a healthy, clear minded, smart as nails, Mueller we saw. Just watching the Hearings I could tell that!

In The end Americans, we must, stand united, and face these facts about The Trump Presidency and his time in Office. Trump is a failure, a con man, a criminal and he is guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the United States.

I hope History paints the true story of Donald Trump as President, he is a failure, a con man, and a liar, He is the worst President in American History!

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