We shall see for sure, soon enough, President Trump!

Impeachment is being treated like a vulgar word in Washington, Dc these days as well as across the world news agencies in America. Impeachment is a necessary act or procedure and the only recourse to remove a sitting President if, the President in Office commits crimes, while serving.

There are pros and cons to Impeachment and there are problems with compiling the evidence to Impeach an American President for sure and the process takes time to complete or even get rolling.

First and foremost, one must understand, that Impeachment is more of a political act than a criminal act. Secondly, the more evidence the Congress has the better the chance of a Impeaching a President becomes.

As The House of Representatives is where it all starts, as they gather evidence and hold hearings and write Articles of Impeachment they have a threshold to meet, in order to do so. The threshold is contained in the following words: High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Under High Crimes and Misdemeanors, there is a wide latitude of crimes one can commit as President that makes one Impeachable. As, Nancy Pelosi knows, The House must have firm accusations and firm proof of each Article Of Impeachment it writes and approves, before it moves forward.

It starts with an Impeachment Inquiry, which is the gathering of evidence by a committee or panel of representatives, who look into said accusations and then recommend the Impeachment procedure. Without an Impeachment Inquiry to start the process it is a dead procross, but once the Inquiry begins, it is hard to derail such a process it will gain momentum fast, if it starts.

The danger of starting Impeachment against a sitting President is, if the Inquiry fails to gather the necessary proof of said High Crimes and Misdemeanors, the public will reject the process and the party that started it can lose in the next election cycle. It is a chance they must consider taking before acting, for if they fail they will be scorned by the public. It becomes a tightrope walk at this stage of the process, and each piece of evidence compiled must be carefully acquired, and studied and verified too, so when presented it is true to the Article of Impeachment being written.

The con side is, in the effort by those defending the President who is being considered for Impeachment. For they are the blind loyalist who care not what crime the President commits and will defend him no matter what. As we all know the problem with Impeachment is, the Senate must take up the Articles of Impeachment put forth by the House of Representatives after it clears the House.

The con part here is in this case we have a divided Congress, a House of Democrats can pass Impeachment Articles and write them and approve or vote for them, but in the end the Senate must agree or it is a dead issue. The Senate in this case belongs to the President’s Political Party, and will stiffly oppose any Impeachment Article or Act as stated by Senate Majority Leader McConnell.

If the House starts the Impeachment Inquiry, and writes the Articles and collects the evidence, and finishes it’s part, then the President is under Impeachment consideration and charged by the House. That does not Impeach the President alone though, the Articles written and the Impeachment package must go to the Senate and be approved by them also. So, in the end the starting of an Impeachment Inquiry if fine, and so is the writing of the articles if the House wishes to do so. It should also put the public and nation on notice that there are serious charges against, the sitting President.

Impeachment is not a criminal procedure folks, it is a political one and in the end, if said process can’t go forth and pass the Senate is it worth it, to do?

So there you have the current stances and problems with starting Impeachment of President Trump, plus the time limits and amount of time it would take to do the process itself. Take a look at the process of Nixon’s Impeachment, and the time it took to force him from office. Does America have that much time to do it, before our next election cycle begins, so it won’t interfere with the election? Many like myself, doubt we, do have the time.

So, what is the alternative, well, we gather the evidence, compile said evidence and put it into a criminal file against the sitting President and hold it, until after the election is over and beat President Trump at the polls with a candidate that can do so, come November 3rd, 2020.

The political process and our democracy and republic is currently a glitch in the whole process because of timing. At this stage and date in time, taking into consideration the point we are in the election process coming up, the act of Impeachment would take too long.

So, I agree Don’t Impeach Trump, lets present all the evidence only to the public and beat him at the polls come November 3rd, 2020. Remove him from office by a sound defeat in the next election cycle and then when he exits office, arrest him with all the compiled evidence and convict him in a civilian court under federal laws.

Just for the President’s knowledge and so the Republicans backing him, know also, Trump’s options here,are not, so great. If he gets Impeached before the Election of 2020, he gets removed and he is taking a chance it won’t happen. he likes the odds, it won’t happen at this point, so he fights on.

Now for results let me say this, if he gets Impeached or Resigns from office due to Impeachment Proceedings, he can possibly get Pardoned by Pence. Which for him, would mean he would live out his life, like Nixon did.

If he does not get Impeached and fights and stays in office till the end of his term and loses the election in 2020, he is then eligible for arrest as soon as he leaves office under the compiled charges. Which mean if he loses and is arrested after he loses, he can face all criminal charges in court and if convicted there may spend the rest of his life in a federal prison, in an orange jumpsuit, a convicted man. Which way will it go, for President Trump and which way will we the American People handle this, come November 3rd, 2020 election day? Or Before! We shall see for sure soon enough!

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