Is there really anyone of color, black, brown that will still vote for Trump out there?

Things I look forward to now a days in Life.

  1. Waking up each day and just being alive. Being 63 is not being young anymore!
  2. Seeing my wife wake up each day.
  3. News reports on CNN and other channels.
  4. The Democratic Debates.
  5. Being able to read and write, as any adult should do daily.
  6. Being retired, I like being able to move at my own pace.
  7. Watching my favorite shows each evening before going to sleep.
  8. Now I am a simple person and i like thing uncomplicated.
  9. Taking care of my wife and our pets daily.
  10. A hot shower a day , it loosens my back and shoulders up.

Yes, simple things right, but also to me vital to my way of life. I don’t look forward to seeing news reports of killings, or mistreatment of children or mistreatment and racist comments at all. I tire of the Racist comments and words coming from President Trump’s mouth constantly.

Trump needs to stop his racist rants and words now! We are all Americans, whether we be black, white, or any other color or nationality, period. There is no place or time for racial comments or rants in America, and never should be.

That said and done, let’s move on a bit.

I received a request by email, by different parties both Democrat and Republican. They asked me to give them a list of issues important to me, in the next election cycle. So I am going to list my concerns here for all to see.

  1. Racial equality in America, period.
  2. Health Care for all Americans period.
  3. Equal Education for all in America.
  4. Jobs and not just saying they will be there but actually producing them.
  5. A person with morals and ethics to be President.
  6. Immigration Policies that don’t include caging people and children.
  7. We don’t need a damn wall on our southern border, it’s stupid and will be worthless in the end.
  8. Prescription drug prices, they must be lowered and made affordable for all.
  9. A minimum Wage of 15 dollars per hour for all.
  10. Infrastructure repairs and rebuilding. America roads and highways are failing.
  11. Last but not least, I want an Honest President, one I can look up to with pride.

As we move further along in 2019, and the Election and Primary debates are ahead, I will be looking for integrity, morals, ethics, educated, individuals, who can stand up to Trump and the Republicans. I tire of wimps who kiss Trumps rear end, frankly and those who avoid facing him down. Trump has no right to appropriate Military money for a wall. He has no right to make speeches that are racist and rants on racist issues. he has no right to mistreat women, and people of color!

Let me close with this, If I were a black man or hispanic man, or a woman of either color or race, I would oppose Trump’s reelection so hard it would spin heads. He is about to start a racial war in America by his vicious, loud mouthed, stupid racist rants. We don’t need a racial war in America or in the world period. So tell me folks, is there really anyone of color, black, brown that will still vote for Trump out there? Because if there are some, it is a shame in my opinion.

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