You Tell me America!

The Second set of Democratic Debates start tonight at 8 pm Eastern Time. The first ten of the twenty candidates on the democratic side will debate what they believe is best for America. Foreign policy, domestic policy, healthcare and more. As to who wins the debate tonight or even the second half tomorrow night, well that could be up for grabs.

As to the Democrats and the twenty candidates running, I know it will be thinned down very soon and I believe those left standing will include. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris. Bernie Sanders and yes it looks like Mayor Pete will be in the final five. After them I have no idea who will be standing and still running, but, as some fall by the wayside, due to financial woes and lack of donations, we will move closer to who will face off against Trump in 2020.

Now, in every race for the Democratic Nomination or even the Republican Nomination, there is always a dark horse or a surprise candidate who shows up and takes the world by surprise. It seems so far that person is Mayor Pete Buttigieg, yet in my opinion, he may be a surprise in how much he has raised and how articulate he is, but his youth may work against him here. His inexperience could be his biggest problem, for America needs a leader that has knowledge and some experience in my opinion.

Watching Joe Biden in the first debate, showed me he has a lack of energy and his age is showing, plus he wants to lean on his eight years as Vice President under Obama to get the Presidency. I am sorry Joe Biden but using Obama as a crutch will not work, you have to have fresh ideas and stand tall alone or you will lose, this race. I think no matter how big a lead you may have currently, you will lose it before the convention happens, why because America understands it’s leader has to be a strong, aware and a live person, who can make decisions based on facts and do what is right. A Slow response in any area will get you defeated and ignored.

Kamala Harris has a prosecutor’s background and is not afraid to take on complicated issues, She is still young enough to be strong, yet smart enough to listen. My question for Kamala Harris is, when do you firm up your stand on the issues and make them stick, and not go with the flow. If she can firm up the issues facing the nation and the world and her domestic policy and economic policy will work she may, make a President, In the end Kamala Harris has to face the hard facts, find a stance on them, stick to her beliefs and be for all americans.

Elizabeth Warren, is a brilliant professor type of personality, with economic knowledge, and she seems well versed in foreign relations also. Her plan to eliminate college debt for all Americans and open up college for all is a good way to go. One thing about Elizabeth Warren is she has had time to plan for almost everything you can think of, but, I still believe no one can plan for everything. There will be areas of running America, that she can’t have answers to, and we will see how she handles those over time I am sure. We have crime problems, gun problems and drug problems that need faced, as well as education problems and racial problems. She will need a plan to bring all colors, all nationalities together in America, if she wants the nomination. her platform would need to be wide and encompassing.

Is Bernie Sanders the answer here? I do not think so, anymore then I think Joe Biden is. One thing Americans do not want to hear or see right now is someone pushing socialism in America. While Bernie has a great stance on healthcare and the right idea on prescription drugs, and a few other issues, socialism the word itself turns people off and Bernie is preaching the same idea he has been for many years. Age is going to play a factor in this election and in the Democratic Nomination also, whether we want to admit it or not. The elder generation will like the older candidates, but the younger ones have the numbers to win this fight.

There are many dark horses in this Democratic Field at this time as we all know, more female candidates than ever before and more people of color also. I am proud of the Democrats for bringing all of that out and into the run for the Presidency.

The big question, left for all the Democrats to answer is this: How do you fight Trump, his racial rants and racism, and how do you unite Americans of all colors and nationalities and beat Trump soundly? Part of that answer is about to be revealed if you ask me as the democrats take to the debate stage in Detroit! I believe Detroit is a great testing ground to see how Americans will unite behind a Democratic candidate in 2019 and 2020 and whether they will fight against Trump or the African Americans and Hispanics, will sit back and let Trump rant on about his hatred and win the Presidency again.

I do not wish to see a President of The United States kept in Office who is a racist, who is a bigot, who is a liar, who is a narcissistic con man, and criminal, a Obstructor of Justice and a colluder, with Russia our enemy! Sadly, we face a President right now who is illegal, illegitimate, and a committer of High Crime and Misdemeanors, who deserves to be in an orange jumpsuit behind bars, not in the White House. Donald John Trump is not stupid Ladies and Gentlemen, he knows the time limits on the crimes he has committed, he wants a second term, not to help the American People, you and I, but to help himself avoid being indicted and arrested for the crimes he has committed so far.

Does America, see what is happening under Trump, the rise of racial tensions, the anger he brings, his racial ways and bigotry? Will the African American community and the Hispanic Community and the gay communities, stand by and allow Trump to avoid Justice? You Tell me America!

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