First of Ten Democratic Debates/ Part 2

Elizabeth Warren seems right now the strongest candidate on the stage last night, She stood her ground, and parried the others, and in the end had the best ideas so far.

Pete Butttigieg showed a calm and collective personality and contained his position for sure. Although at 37 years old he is in my book too young and inexperienced maybe four years from now.

Bernie Sanders held his own, but he is spouting the same old ideas and he loses it when opposed in anyway. His age may be a factor too for him, while Waren is in the older category also, Bernie seems to be more affected by age.

The surprise last night was Amy Klobuchar the Minnesota Senator who stood her ground and had some decent moments and spoke with truth and caring.

As to the rest, The only ones that stood tall in anyway other than those above were in my eyes, Marianne Williamson who made some good points and held her composure to do so, and maybe John Delaney, who was smacked down by more than one person.

With Part One of the second debates over for the Democrats I look forward to tonights second part or ten, which ever you wish to call it.

I expect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Cory Booker to fight it out in someway. I also expect Juan Castro to have a say tonight that may make a bit of a difference. We shall see of course because all will be gunning for Biden and possibly Harris, who both will have to be prepared to reply and fight back strongly to prove their points.

Onward democrats lets go, the time is short and we need a Candidate who can stand tall, and fight Trump toe to toe and not back down and who is not afraid to tell the truth of Trump’s record. We need someone with brains, guts, a fighting spirit and the will to tell America what Trump really is, in plain english.

After tonight’s Debate I believe we shall see a major clearing of the democratic field and Candidates for President. Many will fall beside the wayside due to lack of financial support, for sure. I believe that ultimately we shall come down to a top five. I believe they will be Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and maybe Cory Booker or Buttigieg we shall see. If Biden falls or slips, expect Warren and Harris to be right there to catch him and slip by. I honestly think we may be heading to the First Woman President of The United States, due to the strength of the females in the democratic race at this time. Time shall tell!

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