My Opinion on who should drop out, of The Democratic race !

Part two of The democratic debates begins at 8 pm est. tonight July 31st, 2019.

After tonight’s debate is over, I believe the following Candidates from the Democratic Party, should step aside and drop out of the running for the Democratic Nomination.

  1. Bennet
  2. Bullock
  3. Castro
  4. de Blasio
  5. Delaney
  6. Gabbard
  7. Gillibrand
  8. Hickenlooper
  9. Inslee
  10. Messam
  11. Moulton
  12. O’Rourke
  13. Ryan
  14. Sestak
  15. Williamson
  16. Yang

Of the sixteen above, I don’t believe they will have the financial backing to continue into September or the polling number period. The requirements for a podium on the stage will be higher and the cost more. While I commend each and everyone for running and believing we need to get Trump out of Office, it is just not their time right now.

Two other candidates should consider dropping out also, but, I wouldn’t push them at this time if they wanted to stay. Amy Klobuchar is one and Tom Steyer is the other. Klobuchar shows some promise in the way she conducts herself and her common sense attitude and style and knowledge. Tom Steyer is a man with a business background that surpasses trump’s and he can show trump to be the phoney and con man he really is, and he talks plain english.

ALL of the above named candidates I congratulate for running and giving their best. Yet I would say to them at this time, you need more experience and knowledge to win the Nomination and backing too. Bow out early and let those who can win the nomination fight it out so we can get to battling Trump head on on all the issues facing America.

Just my Opinion and i am sure many will disagree including many of the candidates I mentioned above. Yet i admire all who are running and even those who drop out for trying.

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