It’s a sad statement, on the America, we all love, so well!

World History as well as American History will paint The Trump Presidency as one big failure, when it finishes. He failed at so many efforts and so many things it is disgusting to see. As I see it he has accomplished nothing but hate and fear mongering. As jobs are disappearing in the auto industry, retail stores are closing and malls and the american farmers have to be subsidized not once but now twice. Sad!

Markets are disappearing for farmers and their produce they grow. Prices are rising for goods, due to tariffs by Trump. Now we find our country in a money valuing war with China, and in the end China will probably win, for they cheat and devalue their money. faster than we ever could.

Trump has failed at such a rate and made a fool of himself and America on the world stage more then once. He failed at the United Nations when he went to them and told them, America was great and he was making us greater, they laughed at him. No American President has ever been laughed at before Trump at The United Nations, in America’s History!

It’s one laughing stock after the next followed by racist rants and discrimination and prejudice and hatred he spreads. He is constantly causing anger, fear and division and then he diverts and distracts from it. He made this mess with his words, these mass killings, by failing to take on The NRA when he met them. He let the NRA continue to hold gun shows, and sell whatever weapons they want, he didn’t institute or draw up any new gun control laws at all, so here we sit, with 31 civilians dead by military weapons on the streets of America and still no concrete action by the American Government or Trump as President! Trump failed to preserve and protect the American nation and it’s people, all of its people, he is not just, President of the Caucasian/ white people, he is President of all Americans.

There is no truth to mental illness being the cause of the shootings in El Paso or Dayton this past week. It is a way to pass the blame and avoid the confrontation with the Gun Lobbies and the NRA and The Gun Manufacturers, period. He needs the money from the NRA and Gun Lobbies to get re elected is all and he will get it by avoiding pointing the finger at the NRA and gun makers, the money will pour into his re election coffers is all. In the meantime more people will die needless deaths, because these weapons are still on the streets.

Hate caused these killings, white nationalism and supremacy caused these deaths. Trump’s word as President caused these deaths and he won’t face the fact he is racist, and a white nationalist. He denies being a white nationalist, but the facts show he is, everytime he opens his mouth. It’s sad, and those who voted for Trump should hang their heads in shame for putting him in office.

You want to make America Great Again, create a buy back program for all military type weapons, raise the requirements to own a weapon in America, do mental testing and background checks that are more intense and stop the Gun Show Sales period. And then do me a favor Congress, and President and all who run the show, Read the damn Second Amendment fully. The Right To Bear Arms is there because the time it was added, was a time right after the Revolutionary War. Americans were given the right to bear arms to protect the country and homes they had back then in case of invasion, by the British at the time. Does anyone really read the Second Amendment fully, ” The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads:” “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

Which means for the right to make a Militia and the right to defend the security of the free state, not the right to walk down American Streets and pull the trigger at anyone of a different color or religion or anyone you deem you don’t like, for any reason you want!

People need to take into context, the ERA, the Second Amendment was written and the time it was written and why! No where in the Constitution, or the Second Amendment does it say, you have the right to bear military weapons for your own personal use, or to kill thy neighbor. It doesn’t say Americans have the right to Gun Shows or massive ammunition and magazines either.

Look I believe in The Constitution, I served 16 years of my life in The Military, three branches folks, I have six herniated discs in my spine and 5 Honorable discharges too. There is no reason for military style weapons on American Streets, or in Gun Shows or to be for sale in America. Period!

These murders that are now totaling thirty one deaths in two states, are unnecessary and not caused by mental illness, they are caused by the availability of Military weapons on American Streets. Take away the military weapons on the streets and even the mentally ill, won’t have the ability to carry one hundred rounds at a time and go walking around and shooting who ever they please at a club or Walmart.

This is not the first thing wrong with Trump, his ideas and excuses he makes or his inactions or his stupid actions we have seen in the last almost three years. This is just one of them.

Trump has failed as a Leader, He has conned the American People, He has colluded with Russia to get the Presidency, He has Obstructed Justice at least 11 times, and is still Obstructing Justice today by blocking people from testifying before Congress and by denying subpoenas from being enforced. He hides his taxes that all other Presidents have shown America when they ran for President, never mind three years in.

He lied about bringing jobs back from overseas, he failed to do it, he is using military funding to build a wall on the southern border we don’t really need. What more do you need to not vote Trump.

He has failed in relations with North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and he has angered and alienated Britain, Mexico, Canada and many other nations with his tariffs. He has driven the American Stock Exchange to new lows and cost the people fortunes. Yet Trump supporters go, He will still win in 2020. What is wrong with you people, are you blind?

He speaks of race and hate, he belittles and puts down people of color, women in general and still his supporters go, he will win in 2020, If that happens it will be the worst moment in American History ever. This is the Worst President in American History Period!

He has killed OBama Care, no replacement in sight, I remind all, he wants to kill Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security too. Yet his supporters say they will still vote for him, why?

Well here is something I will say now, The American Farmers are realizing the truth as we speak, as they said, “He has Taken Away our markets, we are sorry we voted for him!” It is on national Television folks, listen to the farmers who can’t sell their crops no more. The Auto Industry, is hurting and losing jobs, factories shut down, blue and white collar workers lose their jobs at Ford, Malls are closing due to the retail industry going down the tube, all under the worst American President in American History.

The saddest part of all of this, as I see it is the non-working Congress we have. The Democrats worry they will lose the 2020 election, won’t impeach, The Senate is all Republican and will block any attempt at it is. So here we sit having to wait till the 2020 election begins in November of 2020 to see if Trump goes or stays. It’s a sad statement on the America we all love so well, that it could go so wrong under one President and no one reacts.

Americans need to read, they need to listen, they need to pay attention and they need to react!

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