Stay away from El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio let them be, and let them heal!

The survivors of The El Paso shootings and The Dayton shootings, are all telling Trump, don’t come to our cities, yet he thinks he is correct for going there today!

If I were President Trump, I would not go, where I am not wanted in America, especially El Paso and Dayton, areas where his lines of being Invaded, are ringing so loud and angering so many. There will be protesters and even the Mayors of both cities are reluctant to greet and accept him there. If he is looking for cheering crowds to heighten his base and make points for re election he is going to the wrong places today.

His speeches and rants on Mexicans being rapists and thieves and criminals and drug dealers will not fly in El Paso, they live across the border from Mexico and know the mexicans there. They get along with the mexicans there, and those mexicans died in that Walmart with Americans too, from a lone gunman, Trump’s word incited. If I were Donald trump I would find a way to cancel the trip period and that means both cities. Why would you go to two cities suffering due to words and rants and chants you invented and anger you raised, and try to be a nice guy now? No sense Trump, they have both communities, said don’t come to our cities, you caused our pain and these deaths with your words and speeches. The survivors in the hospitals don’t want you there President Trump, they don’t want to see you smiling for the cameras and trying to make political points off their pain and suffering.

I live nowhere near El Paso Texas, or Dayton, Ohio, but. I do have a nephew and his wife and son in Texas. I live a half a word away from the scenes in both killing sprees, and I know if President Donald Trump, come to my home in Connecticut, I would tell him to get off my property and leave immediately.

My family and my life does not include a racist, a narrist, a con man, a celebrity tv star, liar, and a man who colluded with Russia and Obstructed Justice. I would tell him he is a draft dodger, a liar and a fool and tell him to leave my property in a heartbeat. he is destroying America and trying to remake it into a communist country, and I don’t appreciate him one bit. But, those are my opinions and I am a nonviolent person.

I don’t own guns or a license to own one either. My way is simple, just, say STAY AWAY, Don’t Bother Me, I don’t want you here and stand on my own property to do so. The People of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, have every right under the Constitution and the laws of America and their cities to tell Trump no, and to tell him he is not welcome, to do so in protest, let him know, he caused these killings to happen, from his inaction on gun laws, by his rhetoric and words and hate mongering. I wish, I were in El Paso or Dayton, when he arrives there, I would stand with those who will protest him coming there. The survivors in the hospitals recovering, don’t want to see him either.

The President is trying to do an ad for his re election is all , it’s a publicity stunt he is after, he wants footage of himself and his wife being nice to the survivors of these shooting for his campaign, he won’t change the gun laws, he won’t stop his rhetoric or words from spewing out of his mouth and he won’t help the survivors or families of those dead. He may even stiff El Paso and Dayton with bills for his security for being there, like these two cities haven’t paid enough, already.

To the Mayors of Dayton and El Paso, I say this, I know you are grieving and trying your best to help all involved and their families, but you better make sure Trump doesn’t stiff you with security again. he will send bills from Uncle Sam charging you for his safety and security, and you will fall a million in debt each, for it.

What Dayton, Ohio and El Paso Texas, need to do is stand in their own cities, stand tall and stand proud, and tell President Donald John Trump he is a white nationalist, a white supremacist and he and his rhetoric and words of anger, hate and racism, are not welcome and he should go back to the White House and leave them be.

You won’t get an ad for re election out of Dayton, Ohio Mr. President, nor will you in El Paso, Texas, they are not interested in your words, rhetoric and hate mongering. Stay away from El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio let them be, and let them heal!

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