Trump must be replaced as President come 2020 or sooner!.

There are certain things in ones life, people never forget, who can forget who their parents were, who can forget who raised them, who can forget what homes they lived in as a child? Can anyone forget which parent was the meanest or the most loving?

Can anyone forget their siblings and how they treated you? Can anyone remember their elementary school days and the kids who picked on you or bullied you? I doubt it! How about a boy or girl, forgetting the first person they thought they loved? These are things you never forget right? How about the first boy or girl you dated, or had sex with, do you forget that, I think not.

At each stage of life, we all have first times for everything we do or that happens don’t we? We sometimes struggle and don’t want it to happen and other times rush in and make them happen. But happen they must, so is the process of growing up and reaching puberty and then adulthood, is it not? Life is a process folks especially, getting to adulthood, and through your first of everything, your first kiss, your first job, your first paycheck right?

For many the first is vital to who they are today. For others it is a matter of which time or which item they emphasize, to being the most important. Everyone’s a little different for sure. But, once you are past the first time for anything it makes it easier for the next time doesn’t it? Sometimes the first time is the last time, for it goes against your moral fiber, your ethics, your style or personality, correct, so you never do it again. Other times you tried it once so you go why not again, and then finally you hit a pattern of doing it again and again because it appeals to you or you got addicted to it, correct?

Addiction kills folks, patterns can kill too, as can many things. For instance how many people who smoke and did so for decades now, have gotten cancer, how many people who drank because they wanted to party and belong, became drunks and alcoholics now? How many men and yes women, get addicted to sex? How many cheat on the one they married? All are due to addictions, or to a lack of morals, ethics or plain caring. So flaws come into play in life folks, we are all flawed in some way are we not?

I remind all, while we are all flawed in someway, no one is perfect, and sometimes the flaws we have are not of our own fault. Sometimes a child is taught to hate people who are different then they are, so racism comes about, so does prejudice and discrimination. Hatred grows out of a child who is bashed daily with words of hate, or beat upon or put down constantly, it affects ones self esteem, ones pride, one stature and in the end creates, something in those children that comes out later as revenge seeking, or pure and simply, someone who thinks they need vengeance on the world.

Of course in the end you also have those who hold things in and bottle them up, they hide their pains, their hurts and their feelings and it becomes like a ticking bomb, waiting to explode from them, deep inside. Humans do not have an endless capacity for pain, whether you believe it or not, we all reach a breaking point with physical or mental pain and anguish. When we do, dangerous results can come about, and the mass murders and rapists and more we see now, in the world become.

Americans, today have a lot of anger inside them and it shows daily, as some believe they are not getting their fair share in our society. They are right many of them, but they also have to realize, you don’t get handed a damn thing in life, one must work for it to get it.It’s a basic fact of humanity, we all work to eat and sleep and get what we need daily to survive and get ahead. It’s just a fact of life, correct?

As we age and grow older, we realize in order to survive and get what we want and need, we have to make sacrifices, in some ways. We end up working at a job we may hate or dislike to make money, or we put up with relatives we don’t like, it happens everyday to all of us and there are more examples of it, if you look out there. Men and Women of all races and colors and nationalities, go through it daily, it’s how we handle it, that makes it work for us, or not work for us.

Some of us make decisions based on past experiences, and when it comes time to make a critical decision for ourselves, we look back, compare and compile the experiences we have and go from there, to either go forward or to walk away. All of it, depends on the experiences we have already, doesn’t it folks?

Racism. prejudice, discrimination, hate, the Black Power Movement, the White Nationalist Movement, the Nazi Movement in Germany and more all started by what parents taught children, all started by morally and ethically wrong teachings by the adults to the children and passed on, through the decades over time.

Ever notice, those who act in the manner or movements I mention above, don’t read, ever notice they are not reading, if they read at all they don’t read ,anything that is historic or important. Ever notice how lazy Americans have become since the 1970s and on, they don’t read, they don’t listen to news or radios, or even watch tv news anymore. The Newspapers are now going out of business and their subscription levels are way down, as are the Newsday and US News magazines. People in America don’t read anymore, the book sales are slumping, the magazine sales slump, newspapers and any other media struggle to reach American audiences folks, why?

Look we can blame, electronic gadgets and toys like video games and computers if we want to. In the end though, isn’t it in fact, the parents of America’s children and the world’s parents too, who are failing their children, by not teaching them to read, by not making them read, by not teaching them discipline too. Teaching passion is one thing and allowing room for invention and motivating them to go in the right direction, is that not the parent’s job? Parenting is vital in the modern world and it has been failing in America and in other countries too, the world’s population that raises children needs to do so, more in the old fashioned way of, chores, discipline, read, do your homework and no electronics or games, until you complete what you must. They children of today need taught to listen to their parents, they need taught to help their parents, they need to be taught, electronics, and music and television and games are for fun times only and not every second, of every day.

In my era of growing up in America, we had chores, we had parents who watched us as we grew up and disciplined us when we did wrong and corrected us, They caught you stealing a cookie or beating on a sibling or running wild in a store you paid a price and you knew as a child it was coming too. It taught you to be careful, and it taught you what to do and not to do. It is lacking in today’s America and today’s world. Disciplining your child should be fine, as long as you don’t overstep and beat your child and abuse them, we have laws regarding that. But, this well, you can’t hit your child anymore to discipline them is crap. This child divorcing their parents like in Kramer vs. Kramer the old movie is bullshit too. We learn by discipline, we adjust when disciplined correctly and we become better able to handle ourselves, our world our jobs and we act better in society when we get disciplined, when we are made to read, when we are sent to school and learn to socialize. We lose our children when we allow them to do as they please, and we use the 1980’s methods of raising a kid, like Cosby taught all. His preaching never hit your kid, talk to your kid routine is only right in certain circumstances, other times much like my step father said, you have to smack a kid upside the head to make them see it right, or spank their ass so they know not to do it again, you don’t just say, don’t do that and they listen, it doesn’t work. Children will push the boundaries, they will overstep and they will do as they please, if you let them and don’t stop them. So who is responsible for the world we now have, and the type of people we now have trying to run the world and failing doing so, the parents who raised the people who are doing it.

Case in Point, Donald John Trump, he does as he please, he listens to no one, and he is a bigot, a racist, he is prejudice and discriminates daily. he lies daily, he does whatever it takes to benefit himself and further himself and his coffers and friends. Who taught Donald to lie, who taught Donald to hate so much, who taught Donald all the things he is doing today as President? His Parents did, they gave him a fortune at 4 years old and he grew up to blow that and they gave him more and more. He is a spoiled, rotten person, right to his core and yes he is a narcissist too, who believes himself to be a king or something, he thinks his shit don’t stink basically and everyone else’s does. This is not a leader who is capable of being a leader, he lacks the courage, the skills, and the intelligence period and must be replaced as President come 2020 or sooner!.

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