So where does mankind go, when Mother Earth dies?

Global Warming is real America, and the world is about to face the greatest crisis it will ever face. for when the planet you live on heats up too fast, and the currents change and oceans rise, people will lose land and have no place to hide.

   Temperatures rise, waters rise, land masses decrease, and the atmosphere erodes as we lose the protection against the infringing space coming at us. The sun burns hotter in the daylight on the planet, the temperatures keep rising by 2 degrees each year, as the glaciers at the North and South Poles slowly melt away, the animals like polar bears are running out of places to live and are dying off.  Our waters are becoming polluted and the fish are disappearing due to pollution and over farming. The world is dying, slowly and no one cares or is addressing it, what will happen to mankind?

As the ice over Greenland melts and the glaciers at the north and south poles melt, the ocean levels rise folks. Mankind destroys itself in the name of advancements and science at times. Plastic bottles litter and fill our oceans and dumps across the land, they litter our streets. Air pollution gets worse daily as people use their cars for getting anywhere they go and burn fossil fuels like they are nothing and cheap as shit.

Across the world people are cutting down forests and trees to make room for manufacturing plants and homes. What they don’t realize is simple, you can’t decrease the number of trees any further, we are hitting a critical stage by doing so, those trees and plants your removing, produce the oxygen we all breath and survive on. The less trees and more population mix does not work, we need more trees planted immediately, or mankind will be killed off by their own carbon dioxide they spew out. Don’t cut down trees anymore, stop making factories that pollute the air and atmosphere and switch over by law to electric or solar powered automobiles. The emissions we put out of our own bodies, our own factories, our own automobiles are slowly killing planet earth.

Where will your future children, grandchildren live, if we have no earth left? Where will mankind go next folks, the closest planet that even in anyway resembles earth, is so far away, mankind will never make it there, by rocket flight. So where does mankind go, when Mother Earth dies?

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