Democratic Candidates/ and The Republicans !

I have been looking at the Democratic Candidates for President in the upcoming election in 2020. The list is still far too long right now, but, the Leaders that show in the top five remain the same so far.

Vice President Joe Biden, while a moderate and an experienced politician, has his flaws as we all know. He stumble sin his speeches and yes his age is showing. In the end he is the most liked of the Democratic Candidates so far, even though when attacked he fails to respond in kind and may be too polite and old fashioned in his ways. His age will play a part in his run for the Nomination for sure.

Next, Elizabeth Warren, she is currently in second place behind Joe Biden in most polls. At 70 years old, Warren shows she still has energy and spunk daily and comes up with plans on a regular basis. Many of her plans she knows how to pay for already and sound good. The difficulty is in her case, as we all know no one person has all the answers to everything and people will all gather that too. I like her, but, will America take her as a President?

Kamala Harris, the Senator from California, young enough to stay alert and active, smart, savvy and intelligent. She has many good plans, and ideas and is smart enough to say she doesn’t have a solution for everything out there. She is a staunch Gun Laws Advocate, and a former Prosecutor. Will she back down if Trump Attacks, that is the question and can she stand tall and strong against Trump and his style of mean politics, name calling and racist rants?

Bernie Sanders, Mr. Socialist Democrat. As the numbers for Bernie go up and down in the polls, he hangs in there with his progressive ideas he shares with Warren or vice versa is it matters. Age becomes a factor for Bernie and in the end many americans are saying they don’t want socialist ideas in their government and a socialist being President. can Bernie hang on to get the Nomination, well, I am having my doubts as he slides up and then down in the polls and mostly down these days.

Pete Buttigieg, is young and bright and speaks well, his problem is the opposite of Bernie and elizabeth above, at 37 years old he is a young man, who may be too young and inexperienced at this time. I like the way he conducts himself and carries himself and many of his answers and his ability to admit he couldn’t accomplish some things in his own home town he is the Mayor of in Indiana. Youth could be his biggest fault and inexperience, but, on the other hand many of today’s younger adults who can vote may like him.

The only one left after the top five in my opinion who may have a chance is New Jersey’s Cory Booker. He speaks well and carries himself well, and he is smart and quick at times. Yet, Cory Booker, seems to have some things holding him back from making and gaining ground in the polls. What exactly they are, I have yet to figure out, but he does not seem to be catching on fully.

The real dark horse in The Democratic field will now be Tom Steyer, many know him as the man calling for Trump’s Impeachment, a billionaire in his own right. Will he Debate in September and what can he stand on for issues. Time will tell for sure.

As we approach the beginning of the Presidential Election Process and primary season, we need to understand what Anthony Scaramucci, has recently said publicly on the news channels of Fox and AbC and CNN, The Republican Party should consider replacing Donald Trump as their Nominee. If they don’t, then the Republicans are backing and standing for racist rhetoric, discrimination, hate mongering and they are backing the most corrupt President in American History for re-election and they should all be voted out of office for it.

The republicans will say he is the President, he is our leader, and we don’t have an alternative, but they do. William Weld is running on the Republican side and wantsa chance to be heard and to challenge Donald Trump. The Republicans should listen to him and give him a stage to stand on, and a chance.

What amazes and befuddles me, is this, why is the Republican Party standing so strongly behind Donald Trump, men who are like Senate Leader McConnell, Lindsey Graham and others, all swearing Trump is right on Immigration, The Wall and more. My question is why so staunchly back a corrupt, illegal, illegitimate President who stole the Presidency, colluded with Russia our sworn enemy? Please answer that question Republicans!

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