Donald J. Trump couldn’t kiss a pimple on any other’s President’s ass, never mind get on Mount Rushmore!

I have a question, someone please tell me what business an American President has calling a President or Leader of another country and telling them, not to allow american citizens into their country?

On top of this what business does an American President have with bad mouthing, name calling, members of Congress to the media and world?

I find it highly disturbing that an American President is first off colluding with Russia so he can get elected, obstructing justice in every way he can and ignoring subpoenas put to people who worked in his campaign and in the white house!.

I wonder if Americans of all colors and races and both sexes understand, exactly how many laws, how many regulations and how many illegal acts Trump is really guilty of. Don’t you?

Look, personally speaking I don’t hate Trump as a person, for I have never met him in real life, but, as an American citizen, I think, by way of his words and actions as President, he is the worst American President in the United States of America’s history.

What is sad, is when you ask, Supporters and backers why they support Donald Trump and the first thing out of their mouth is his great economy. The truth is the economy wasn’t created by Trump, it isn’t lasting under Trump and jobs are disappearing and the stock market is tumbling. So when I speak to Trump Supporters know and see here in Connecticut, I ask them, why they support Trump and what has Trump accomplished, beside his so called economy, that is so great. Because the economy in america was built by Barrack Obama and his Administration not Trump’s.

Well they can’t give any other answer to the question of what has Trump accomplished in Office in almost three years time, that is so great minus the economy! Why is that?

This President has the biggest turnover in his Administration in American History. It’s like there is a revolving door in the White House, it’s a sad thing to see for sure.

Anthony Scaramucci, who Trump hired as his Communication Director and then fired within two weeks time, has said it best when he said, “I can’t continue to support Trump anymore, he knows not what he is doing and should be replaced as the Republican Nominee for 2020.” Now, I want you to remember this, Trump and Scaramucci are friends at least they were at one point, and if Scaramucci can’t stand Trump and can’t work with Trump, and says Trump is incapable of being a proper President, I believe him.

Here is something to consider also, I know New Yorkers who who born and raised and then moved to Connecticut growing up. You talk to New Yorkers of all kinds, ages and sexes and colors and you will learn about Trump. What they say about Donald J. Trump is they can not stand the man, he is a thief, a liar, a con man and more to all of them. Now that’s as sad as you can get, if you were born in New York like Trump was.

So here is the deal I am talking about here, with a performance rating as President in the last three years, trump has never risen above 50 percent folks. Isn’t that pretty sad, for a sitting President who says , he is the smartest President ever and deserves to be on Mount Rushmore!. You ask me, Donald J. Trump couldn’t kiss a pimple on any other’s President’s ass, never mind get on Mount Rushmore!

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