If you believe America is the Home of The Free and The Brave, and is the Greatest Nation on the Planet, then you must also believe Donald Trump must go!

America’s First President was George Washington, from April 30th, 1789 to March 4th, 1797. George Washington as we all know was a Founding Father, a General, and a decent President who stepped down so a kingdom would never be in America.

From George Washington on in America we have had some of the greatest world leaders in the world’s history.

Thomas Jefferson, was the third President the writer of The Declaration of Independence, who went on as President to purchase the Louisiana Territory from France. He served 8 years like Washington and stepped aside upon completion too, leaving a legacy well known to all.

As I have said in the past, we have now gone through or in the process of having had 45 United States Presidents.

From Jefferson, history marched on in America as we grew as a country, until we had the Great Civil War and Abraham Lincoln stepped up and became President. Lincoln did run the Civil War well and reunite the north and south and free the slaves. The man wrote and gave the Emancipation Proclamation. he served from March 1861 to April, 1865 and was elected to a second term but Assassinated in Office. He was a great man who had dignity, honesty and foresight, and led well.

History rolled on in America, and more Presidents came and went,many were not great Presidents as history shows, but they all conducted themselves with pride and distinction in their own ways, keeping the honor of the Office of The Presidency in greet esteem.

The Roosevelts Theodore and Franklin showed how much one family could give to their nation and how much honor they brought to us all. Everyone remembers teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders and his use of the bully pulpit in his era. Franklin Roosevelt God Bless his soul, gave us social reforms that still exist today and saw America through the Great Depression. Greatness come sin all sizes, shapes and personalities folks, Franklin did his job from a wheelchair and led us through World War Two to Truman.

Harry Truman, took over upon Franklin Roosevelt’s death. He had the mightiest decision of any President to make, whether to use nuclear weapons to end World War Two, he made the hard and impossible choice and did so to preserve the world and defeat Hitler, Japan and Mussolini. The man had honor, dignity and did what he believed was right for his era and time.

As History goes along in America, many other Presidents stepped up and into the position of the presidency. We have had a few who were also bad in one way or another in the office of the Presidency. Sadly, we have now had a total of 45, Presidents and only a few have faced any kind of Impeachment Investigation or Impeachment push coming from Congress.

Lets talk about the three well known Presidents in American History who were put up for Impeachment and why.

Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of The United states who followed Abraham Lincoln. No matter what, Johnson still held the Office with dignity and tried to lead. Johnson faced Impeachment hearings for firing the secretary or War under Lincoln Edwin Stanton. Johnson went o to finish his term as President and survived it. He left Office March 4th, 1869.

Next of course is, Richard M. Nixon when we talk Impeachment, who was the 37th President of the United States. He did many things for america, that few talk about, he took us off the gold standard, he brought us out of the Vietnam War, but Nixon had his faults, one of which was paranoia. He feared he would not get a second term in Office and in the end he spied, and committed crimes in Office which amounted to Watergate Break ins and more. While Nixon, committed crimes, his actions in office brought many pluses for americans and he righted, some wrongs. But, in the end all of his good work was overshadowed by his crimes and he was forced to Resign from Office, on August 9, 1974. Now, Nixon committed crimes and he was never arrested or formally charged except for the Impeachment hearings, his Impeachment was never completed due to his resignation.

From Nixon we come forward to the third man who as President was brought under Impeachment procedures and proceedings by the Congress. William Jefferson Clinton. Bill Clinton as he is now called, had an affair on his wife in the White House and was put under Impeachment for Whitewater a land deal, and of course the most famous blowjob in American History in the Oval Office and lying to the American People about it. In the end, Clinton was not convicted of any crimes by Congress and he went on to complete two terms as President of The United States of America on January 2oth, 2001.

Now given the above history of Presidents and Impeachment considerations, we now 4 President’s later reach the 45th President of the United States of America DOnald John Trump.

Sadly, we have an American President who colluded with Russia to get the office of the Presidency, then, denies he did so but the proof is available. Why was a Russian Lawyer and agent in Trump Tower for a meeting with Trump’s son? Why does Trump lie to the American People on average 24 times per day? Trump I remind you was beaten in the 2016 Elections Popular Vote by over 300, 000 votes yet, he got the Electoral College Vote and Office. Russian Influence is so plain to see here. And the connections are solid and coming out daily.

The he gets his Inauguration Ceremony and claims his crowd is bigger then President Obama’s was, lie, just look at the photos and videos of it all. That was the beginning of a Presidency that will go down as the worst and biggest failure in American history.

From there we have now, controversy over who paid for The President’s balls after trump was elected. Then we move on to his cabinet picks who came and went like water through a sieve in the White House and his Administration.

Sarah Sanders Kirstjen Nielsen Scott Gottlieb Bill Shine John Kelly Ryan Zinke Nikki Haley James Mattis Mira Ricardel Jeff Sessions Don McGahn Joe Hagin Scott Pruitt Tom HomanTy Cobb John Kelly sworn in as Chief of Staff Nadia Schadlow Michael Anton Tom Bossert H.R. McMaster Hope Hicks David Shulkin Josh Raffel John Dowd John McEntee Rex Tillerson John Feeley Gary Cohn David Sorensen***Rachel BrandRob Porter Brenda Fitzgerald Taylor Weyeneth***Andrew McCabe**Omarosa M. Newman Marc Short

Dina Powell Rick Dearborn Jeremy Katz***George Sifakis***Tom Price Keith Schiller Sebastian Gorka Steve Bannon Carl Icahn Ezra Cohen-Watnick Anthony Scaramucci George Gigicos Reince Priebus Derek Harvey Michael Short Sean Spicer Rich Higgins Mark Corallo Walter Shaub Tera Dahl Michael Dubke James Comey Angella Reid Vivek Murthy K.T. McFarland Katie Walsh Michael Flynn Sally Yates .

Now tell me why this is so if Trump hired only the best People?

He has been Obstructing Justice now for three years, and in the end is still obstructing Justice today, by blocking the House of representatives from conducting their oversight duties, by blocking subpoenas for former White House Officials to testify.

He gives speeches and is guilty of racial rants, bigotry, and discrimination. His Immigration Policies separate mothers from children and he is not building a wall folks, he is fixing a fence on the Mexican Border he lied to you all. It’s a sad, sad time in America folks. Those who voted for Trump should hide and hang their heads in shame.

So many broken promises out of his mouth, bringing jobs back from overseas, never happened and never will, he taxes them too much to make a profit here. Coal Miner Kentucky, gone, and coal will not come back, The EPA he is killing all the regulations that protect the environment of the world folks, it’s sad.

He has isolated America from the world period, he removed us from the Paris Accord, he redid NAFTA and calls it his own now. Why? Look I am not stupid and i don’t think anyone else is either in America, solets face one fact here, When a FOX Host for a talking news show, can tell him, Mr. President, If You Don’t Build your Wall, You Won’t Have a Legacy, and he listens and runs down and tries to build one it’s a sad, sad Presidency.

He claims the Economy as his folks, facts state and show it belongs to Barrack Obama and always has, look it up. Currently due to his policies and tariffs he has placed on other countries he is rocking the economy and the stock markets and we are nearing a recession, he knows not what he is doing folks. He is destroying the economy Obama left him. Just like he destroyed Obama Care and left so many millions of american with no Health Insurance, even though he promised to replace it with better. He hasn’t.

So as we near the 2020 Presidential election, I have a hope for myself an dthe American People.

My hope is this: Donald Trump is voted out of Office in November 2020 and is forced to face criminal charges for tax evasion, corruption, and more. I have a dream too America, one of a america coming back in 2021 under a new President, a new Leadership, one that Unites and One that advances and protects all of it’s people, one that provides healthcare for all, and one that will welcome all who come here under our laws as long as they follow our laws. Immigration is a mighty issue in the 2020 election cycle i know this. But I also know that, the Founding Fathers of America, encouraged people to come to America to offer then freedom of religion, freedom to choose and live free, not to live under threat of being sent back. No American President should be encouraging rants of Send her Back or Send anyone back, for the immigrants who came here made this country what it is. This country is built on Immigrants, from Italy, France, England, Africa, South America, and other countries. we should not be closing our gates to anyone.

So, if you believe America is the Home of The Free and The Brave, and is the Greatest Nation on the Planet, then you must also believe Donald Trump must go!

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