Putin’s Puppet will convert ya to Russian soon enough! get yourselves Babel !

As August 2019 rolls on, I am anticipating the start of The NFL Season in September. I have very few things I really enjoy in life in my 60’s these days, one of them is watching a football game played by the pros.

Now I have never had a Super Bowl Winning team as my team so to say, but my Vikings are always in the thick of it and usually in the playoff picture. Sadly, they have made the SuperBowl many times and lost each one, maybe who knows if i get lucky they can win one before I die.

The other thing I am looking forward to is the fall television returns of the shows my wife and i enjoy watching these days. We love all the NCIS shows of course and BLue Bloods and other police and hospital dramas including Greys Anatomy. Television in the evening is good in the fall, we are looking forward to seeing a few new ones also.

When you hit your 60’s like I am now, one does not want to have to snow plow a lot of snow in the winter or cut a lot of grass in the summer. One barely wants to wake up every day and finish the day. I wake in pain everyday, my shoulders hurt like hell, and my back and neck too. My injuries come from a life of serving my country. I served in three branches and i am a very proud and quiet veteran about it too. I have Marched in the Army, and drove a m-88 Tank retriever, I have Marched in the army National Guard as a Machine gunner Scout, and I have served in the United states Navy as a Boiler Technician, I have climbed in steam drums and mud drums, boiler air casings and fire boxes, I have repaired reducers, and regulators and more. I proudly did my duty, during my years in service i wasn’t the best, but I did my part.

I can still remember the controls to a M-88 Tank Retriever, I can still remember how to disassemble and clean an M60 Machine Gun, and a M16A1 Rifle, and most of all I remember every position a Boiler Technician , in the united States navy could stand for watch or duty on land or sea.

I will always be, and have always been a service man at heart, Uncle Sam and America is what I believe in period.

As we move through 2019 towards 2020 and the next Presidential Election, I ask all Veterans and service members to realize and remember, the man in the White House, Donald John Trump, has no DD-214, he did not serve at all and he lied, his Father bought Donald’s way out of serving America. All I can say about his 4f status is this, it is false and paid for period. While I have five, yes five DD-214’s that all say Honorable on them and served proudly, Donald J. Trump has only letters declaring him 4f and unable to serve his country, yet he is President, something is wrong here folks.

I feel like I am beating my head against a stone wall when I speak about Trump’s inept, delusional, illegitimate, and illegal Presidency. Those who voted him into the Presidency should all hang their heads in shame and never vote again, as far as I am concerned. Sadly. we are at president number 45, and it took 45 presidents to find the worst President in American History period folks. He destroys all he touches, he lacks dignity, he lacks culture, he lacks morals and ethics, and the ability to empathize with anyone. he has absolutely no knowledge of the world, of the environment or how to deal with his position as President. If you want proof of this, just look at his tariff wars, just look at his failures in North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and more across the globe. Look at the anger of Canadians who he hit with steel tariffs, look at the British who can’t stand him and don’t want him in their country. And I remind all the Brits and Canadians are our biggest allies as is Mexico who he wants to build a wall against.

What gets me, Donald Trump hired what he called the worlds’ best for each position in his Administration, and guess what the revolving door at the White House is still working today as they leave by firings and resignations left and right. No Presidential Administration has ever had so many leave it in less then one term in office then Trump’s, why is that?

As we go forward and now face a possible recession under Trump, one we have not faced in a long, long time, doesn’t it give Trump supporters a pause to think maybe we picked the wrong guy? Maybe they made a mistake?

I am hoping, and praying that Americans across our great land, which is built on immigrants, and their sweat and blood, are awake enough and paying attention enough to realize, we have a Con Man, a Liar, a Cheat, a Womanizer, a Sexual Predator and Harasser of Women, a Colluder with Russia and an Obstructor of Justice running our country as he pleases and disobeying laws and constitutional ones too. He accomplishes nothing, he plays golf on weekends and charges it all to the American people at a rate of no other President in history.’

To all Americans I say this, if Trump gets four more years as President, you may as well get a copy of that language program, that can teach you to speak russian. Trump is just as Hillary Clinton said on Public Television during the 2016 election cycle to the public’s face and Trump himself, ” Putin’s Puppet”

Putin’s Puppet will convert ya to Russian soon enough! get yourselves Babel !

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