Trump is a coward and afraid of losing the NRA’s financial support for his re election.

How many will die needlessly, in America, before the Congress and President Trump react and pass gun laws and background checks that will stop the senseless slaughter of Americans on our streets and in our schools?

Once again, President Trump talks gun laws and background checks and then backs off after a phone call from the NRA. Why?

I think someone needs to pull Trump’s ass out of the NRA’s Wallet, and make him act on Gun Control and Background checks and Red Laws!

El Paso, Dayton and other cities across America including Sandy Hook, CT, have lost children and adults to senseless shootings, by mentally ill, sometimes mad people who grabbed a gun they should have never had access to and killed people for their own stupid and pathetic reasons, or for fun.

Then Trump comes out time and again after these senseless killings and massacres, talks about Background Checks, Red Laws and having stronger gun controls, gets people’s hopes up he may do something, then gets a call from the NRA he talks to for thirty minutes and then backs off and says no background checks?

Look, we need background checks, we need mental health checks and licenses to carry a gun or own too. How many more dead will it take before Congress and an American President grows a set and blocks the Gun Show Sales, and installs background checks and mental health checks and Red Laws federally and each state follows suit?

As I write this, I stop and think of the children killed in Sandy Hook and other areas, their lives cut short because our Government, our President will not put into place, gun laws and background checks, we need desperately! When I think of this, and wonder when it will come about or happen, I stop and think of Presidents who were killed by guns on our streets. Lincoln, Kennedy, then those shot at or shot period over my life time including Reagan, then political operatives who were shot and died trying to save Presidents also. Brady was one of these and we got The Brady Bill because Presidents backed it as did Congress. Is that what it will take for President Trump to listen, for someone he loves or himself to get shot at, by a mentally ill or mad person, or a white supremacist or naturalist with gun? I bet if it were Trump’s family member or himself shot or even threatened with a gun, he would react and ignore the NRA and their money for his reelection then.!

In Connecticut we have gun laws, background checks and still people get murdered with guns. sadly, background checks are not enough by far. Gun Shows should be shut down country wide, it’s too easy for anyone to buy a gun and ammo for it in America. Do these people have a reason for carrying or owning a military type weapon, no they don’t!

Any weapon or gun that is of a military type, should not be in the public’s hands or owned by a private citizen in America. I am a Military Veteran of 16 years, and a disabled veteran too, to boot. I know many Veterans and I know some people who own or have owned guns in their lives. I know responsible gun owners who use trigger locks and gun cabinets to store their weapons, who clean them after use for hunting and shooting at ranges. They try to keep the rules and regulations and follow them every day.

I tire of those who think because there is the Second Amendment which covers the right to bear arms in America they just have a right to own a gun of any kind. That is wrong, very wrong. Now, I know the Second Amendment is there, but who is reading it and understanding it correctly folks?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The above was written way back in 1789, and it was put into effect to protect Americans from losing their homes or rights to an invading party. As all can see, it was written to form a Militia Unit in your neighborhood or area to prevent invasion, we have no such invasions today. The right To Bear Arms does not say you have the right to bear Military Weapons and use then to kill innocent children and people on American Streets.

The United States of America has the strongest defenses and the best military in the world, they have the military caliber weapons as they should. A Person living in society in America should have no reason to own a military type weapon period.

The Right to Bear Arms, is in the Second Amendment true, but it says nothing about an American bearing military weapons at all, It was written so Americans could protect themselves, which meant hunting weapons so they could get food, and registered pistols for shooting on ranges and self protection at home. Not, taking weapons to the streets that are military type weapons and murdering innocents!

Now, that being said, We Need Gun Background Checks, We need, Red Laws in all states, we need Mental Health tests also for the right to own a gun in America. We need a military weapon ban of military weapons, and we need to keep them off our streets.

I personally think Trump is a coward and is in the NRA’s back pocket! He is backing off background checks now for at least the second and maybe the third time after talking to the NRA. He’s a coward and has no backbone to stand up to the NRA, as the Election for 2020 starts and the season for the election is close at hand, I want all reporters, all news agencies and all people, to watch how much money is poured into Trump’s coffers from the NRA, Gun Manufacturers and Gun Sellers of America. The NRA, the gun show owners and operators, the manufacturers of Guns and yes the biggest one, the NRA buy Presidents and keep these guns coming. We need laws to shut down the lobbying by the NRA and Gun Manufacturers and Gun Shows. Ban the Lobbyist for guns from Washington, Dc and Congress.

President Donald John Trump, is a con man, a liar, a narcissist, a man who colluded with Russia to get the presidency, he obstructs justice daily and in the end he is the worst President in American History. He is a coward and afraid of losing the NRA’s financial support for his re election. He is bought and owned man by the Gun Lobbyists and the NRA, he is too scared of losing their support and money period. He won’t’ do a thing to stop the gun violence on our streets, he would rather kiss the NRA’s butt then put laws into place to protect the people.

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