Is this really a man America wants to keep as President of The United States of America?

America is in a very unstable period right now, under a very unstable man, who was elected President. His actions and his words and public statements prove to me, Trump is unfit as President.

His endless rattling of sabers and rants and crossing of lines, he has no business being coming from a President’s mouth are scary. He is not the Chosen One, that’s for sure, and if anything may be the most unstable President in America’s History Period.

Sadly, the Republican Party which is filled with Trump Backers and Supporters will still nominate Trump for a Second Term come their Convention. If that does happen, and he gets anywhere near the same support he did in the 2016 election, then America is in deep trouble in all ways.

As many economic experts are now saying, the economy may very well be headed for a recession here in America. If that happens it will be the only thing Trump has had to hang his hat on so far, and he claims it as his own. The truth is,, it never was and never will be Trump’s economy, it was left to him by Barack Obama, and he knows it, just as many Americans do, too.

Without a great economy to lean on and say he owns what else has Trump done for Americans that would re elect him? Please before you answer, I don’t want to hear about his wall, we don’t need it and it is a waste of billions of manpower hours, materials and money. Plus, it won’t stop any traffic coming in from the southern border, it will just make them dig deeper to go under it, or find a boat to go around it. Sadly, Trump’s immigration policy sucks and the separation of mother’s and children to do what he wants is just morally and ethically wrong and evil and uncaring.

His pulling us out of Agreements across the globe is sad also, The Paris Accords were the only environmental accords set up by all nations involved to clean our air and waters on Earth. Yet, Trump choose to leave that accord and pact and do nothing to prevent climate change or climate control. Why?

His removing us from NAFTA is a sad item also, so he could set up a so called collation between the US, Canada and Mexico to control items and pricing, is not working. His Tariffs are killing friendships and driving prices on goods from other nations sky high and now hitting American’s wallets and purses. all he has touched he has destroyed in one way or another. Our Farmers are subsidized now and their produce rotting in silos.

He has killed Obama Care or the ACA as it was called. He killed it, and stripped it down to almost nothing and is in the process of murdering it now. Sadly, he is not coming up with anything to replace it in anyway and leaving millions of people without healthcare coverage. Is that what Americans want, or is Universal Health Care what Americans want? You tell me America!

Now we come to the violence and the shootings across America happening at a crazy rate. People running around with military type weapons and large magazines with multiple rounds, killing innocents for their own reasons. Some may be mentally ill, but mental institutions are not the answer and Trump knows that too.

Real and working Gun Laws and Background checks and Red Laws are the way to go and he knows that too. But, Trump wants to be re elected, and when the NRA says, Mr. President, BackGround checks are not a good idea, he goes along, because the NRA also says, if you do the back ground checks and red laws and licensing and mental health checks, we, the NRA, will not support you in your run for re-election in 2020. So he will lose their millions of dollars being funneled into his campaign coffers for re election. So my question Americans is this, should a President be concerned about those that died in Sandy Hook, and those in El Paso and Dayton and other mass killings done with military weapons on America’s streets more than he is concerned about being re elected or vice versa? I ask, Is It more important to Americans, to get the guns off the streets of America, that are military weapons and have some kind of control over the weapons and the usage of them to kill Americans, or for an American President to get Re-Elected, by catering to the NRA’s wishes?

You Tell me America! Because in my view we are staring at the Worst President in American History bar none.A Walking, talking ego-maniac, who is a narcissist, a liar, a con man, and a thief, as well as a sexual predator and harasser, of women, as well as the fact he Colluded with Russia to get elected in the first place, and he is a proven Obstructor of Justice also. He is still Obstructing Justice today as he blocks subpoenas and blocks the House Investigations into his actions at every turn stopping them from completing their jobs of Oversight.

Is this really a man America wants to keep as President of The United States of America?

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