I have a dog, named Bruno, who could lead America better, than Trump!

During this past week, we have heard President Donald Trump act and speak thoughts no American ever thought would come out of an American President’s mouth. No President attacks his predecessor like Donald Trump attacks President Barrack Obama, why is that?

Let me start at the most obvious reason Trump hates Obama. 1) President Obama is a black man and Trump is a white man period. Trump is a prejudiced, discriminating man who hates anyone of color and he acts it fully and publically. 2) Trump attended a Nationally Televised Dinner Obama was the main speaker at during the 2016 election cycle, when he did Obama jokes about Trump running for President, and people laughed, Trump did not, he sat there straight faced and angry. He felt he was humiliated and embarrassed by Obama, so he just hates him. 3) Trump can never and will never match the political skills, style and intelligence of Barrack Obama, period and never will. He fails as a businessman, he failed as a TV Star and he failed running numerous businesses and committed bankruptcy at least 4 times. failure hangs out at Trump’s home and in his life.

The above explains why Trump is trying to bury Obama and his legacy and Presidency as much as possible. Everything Obama attempted to do and got done, Trump is tearing apart and throwing away and trying like hell to get rid of Obama’s name in the history books of America. He is mad about a black man who had eight years as President and did a better job then Trump himself will ever or could ever do.

Now Trump, the liar, con man, narcissist, The man who colluded with Russia and Obstructed of Justice and is still Obstructing Justice today will be running for a second term as President. As America’s economy starts to falter due to his tax breaks, he gave his millionaire buddies, and his tariffs he placed on other countries and his failure to bring back jobs from overseas, among many other things, it is obvious to me Trump is an ill man, who is unbalanced and who should be removed from office. Who else as President, would dare to stand on the White House lawns and look to the skies and call himself the Chosen One? No one is who!

He failed in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and North Korea and he is so far behind Putin, he looks like a foolish puppet. Yet, he likes to talk about how smart he is, how stable he is right, I am a stable genius he said remember! He’s not America He’s not, that’s for sure, look at his track record as President and you will see for yourself. It’s sad as hell with zero accomplishments and a lot of promises and hot air and nothing concrete done.

Sadly, Trump is sitting in the White House right now and finishing his term, unless by some miracle, the Republicans wake up and realize he has to go sooner then when he finishes his term and they help to Impeach him.

In my opinion, this man needs to go one way or another and then go down in history as the worst President ever and be portrayed that way in the history books, because it is true. He cares not what happens to America in the future, he only cares about his legacy and fame and money. As Ann Coulter of Fox News told him, “Mr. President if you don’t build your wall, you will have no legacy” She was right. He knows unless he leaves his name somewhere on a plaque, or wall, no one will be naming anything Trump, anything. His legacy is being the Worst President ever!

Sadly, Americans did not listen to Hillary Clinton, when she told the world and Trump to his face he was Putin’s Puppet, because that is exactly what he is and he is bad for America and its people! Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 300 million votes folks, and no matter if you dislike her or love her, she told the truth!

Now the 2020 Election is coming, and we need to wake up, face the facts and move on from Trump. We need a leader who can right what Trump has destroyed, we need a leader who can lead and who can balance the economy, and world politics and help the common american man and woman on our streets to achieve comfort, prosperity and create jobs, and put us back on the world stage in the position of leadership we belong in. We need a better President, not Trump!

By the way in my opinion, I have a dog, named Bruno, who could lead America better, than Trump!

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