Have you Watched? Have you seen?

Have you watched the Trump Circus this past week? Have you watched how he failed at halting China with his tariff war and is now hurting Americans and their companies?

Have you watched how the American Farmers have to be subsidized now to the tune of millions upon millions of dollars to stay alive and how their produce is stocking up and rotting in silos across the country?

Have you watched as Kim Jung Un, laughs at Trump and launches missiles into the oceans to test them, despite what Trump says or does?

Have you watched as Russia and Putin start building missiles of different types with nuke warheads on them and tests them in Russia and pollutes the oceans and prepares to fight us?

Have you watched as Trump, colluded with Russians and Putin to win the Presidency and he even showed us proof, standing before live television cameras and asking Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails publically, and then they went and did it 5 hours later?

Have you watched as a Russian Lawyer met in Trump Tower one floor below Trump’s Office and sat with Trump Jr. and Kushner and others to help Trump get the White House and then Trump denied knowing it and claimed it was about adoptions?

Have you watched, as Trump sat on television and in the White House and lied about the size of his own Inauguration Crowd? It was nowhere near Obama’s crowd in either term!

Have you watched as Trump fired so many of his Administration members, you know the best people he hired and the revolving door of the White House was activated and still is?

Have you watched as Trump Obstructed Justice not once but at least eleven times and then is still Obstructing Justice today, as he blocks subpoena after subpoena, being served on former members and lawyers who worked in the White House, to block their testimony about him and his lies and his actions?

Have you watched as Trump pulled us from the Paris Accord on Environmental causes, and the rain forests now burn in southern nations?

Have you realized yet, that burning trees and plants mean less oxygen for mankind to breath and stay alive on, on earth?

Have you realized yet, that plastic pollutes and does not decay fast at all and it stays around as you dump it into the lakes and oceans of the world and kill sea life?

Have you watched as Trump’s so called great economy, starts to sink and the Dow Jones average goes south by 600 points or better a shot, per week?

Have you watched how China is raising tariffs on American Goods and Trump retaliates and raises more in return and it comes out of the American citizens pockets to cover it all?

Have you listened and watched how Trump as the American President, discriminates, and talks about people of color and women and causes hate and anger in America?

Have you watched how Trump, says one thing and does the exact opposite or nothing at all concerning Gun Laws and deaths on American Streets?

Have you watched as the NRA calls Trump up when he starts talking Background Checks to own guns and he changes his mind, and goes right along with the NRA saying they are not needed, so he can fill his coffers to get re elected?

Have you watched as Trump has failed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and North Korea?

Tell me, America, are you watching all of these failures of Trump’s and his inability to get along with anyone worldwide, even our allies?

Have you seen how the English don’t really want him in their country, the French avoid him, Canada is mad at him for tariffing their steel and Mexico is mad at us, for wanting them to pay for an unneeded wall? Are you watching at all America?

Have you seen Trump look to the skies on the White House lawns and calls himself “The Chosen One?”

Have you thought Americans at all about how unstable, unintelligent, how illegal a President you really have?

Have you considered Americans, how corrupt, lying, dishonest,dangerous Trump really is? How he is a narcissist, a liar, a con man, how he illegally got the Presidency, I remind al, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, by over 300 million votes.

Have you considered or thought how right Hillary Clinton was when she publicly stated to the world and Trump himself, he is Putin’s Puppet?

Have you considered now, in almost three years in office as President of The United States that Trump has no real accomplishments to proclaim or show you?

Have you considered his lies, his saying he would bring jobs back to America from overseas, none came back, or how he is gonna create jobs, but none are being created but more are being lost! Have you considered how the Farmers are storing food and grains and it is wasting away in silos and can’t be sold for profit due to Trump and his Tariffs?

One last question for all Americans, Have you stopped and thought and considered this, What would America be and look like today if we had a legitimate, legal President who knew what he or she was doing and who was really working to better America and life for all Americans period?

Have you now, reviewed Trump’s record as President, have you now begun to realize that electing Trump was wrong, it was dangerous and is still dangerous as long as he wears the title and holds the Presidency?

Have you watched and have you seen?

One thought on “Have you Watched? Have you seen?

  1. With all that there is to be considered, doesn’t seem to be too many taking into account that tidbit of a tiny, tiny boost to our wallets was well planned , easily swallowed and apparently has hit the spot maybe just long enough to get past elections. General consensus on the street seems to be that there is a tiny bit more coins in the wallet, things are good. What is disturbing is his actions toward the press, journalists and even freelancers as people need information to make the right choices. With the sneakier side of this administration, freedom of the press has been limited in many unseen ways other administrations did not attempt. If you think the information highway is open, as we have the internet, better bring a tent and be prepared to camp out.


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