Sundays, Rants/ and Raves!

Sundays, are fundays, as my sister would say! They are for fun times like movies, and beaches and fishing and of course coming soon to all televisions, The NFL ad football.

I relax by watching football when I can, if my wife lets me of course. She hates football or any sports and gives me a hard time so had to buy a second tv just for the game sor movies I like and of course my video games I play.

My sundays, these days are spent filling up what we need and shopping for foof and items as needed. Then I may play some video games and do other things, chores are always first folks, tell your kids work first than play.

As I age, I feel pain more, physically, my shoulders, my neck and back get worse from my service related injuries and I am not able to go to doctors at the Veteran’s Hospital due to scheduling conflicts with my wife’s appointments regarding her cancer fight for life.

I try to make do as is and I suffer at times for it, but I am a man who has to live with pain, and I think all men put up with pain better and longer than women. That’s just my opinion folks, please don’t go saying I am sexist for it, because it’s not what I am meaning, ok.

I believe pain kills and it will kill me eventually unless I get it alleviated in someway, but time will tell. After 63 years of life, I have seen the world in my Naval Service and done my duty in the Army National Guard, so I have done my thing.

I had a few favorite things in life I did and some I still do. First and foremost was always fishing, in the great freshwater lakes of Connecticut. Yet, I grew away from it after many years and moved on. I like to read and then, there is my writings which I do from poetry, to blogs, to short stories I attempt to turn into books on Amazon.

When all else fails, and i tired of the above I get on an X-Box and play video games for fun and to pass the time. Yeah I know an old man playing video games seems funny and silly and a waste of time, but I enjoy them, so I do it.

I take care of my wife daily and our two cats, I clean the house as far as I can if I can. and I get the house fixed and the car and truck too if i can afford them. I am not rich and will never be I am sure, but we get by is all. I even try to win the PCH Lotto everyday, but I am not a winner at those things at all.

What do I see my older life like if I live it, well probably, living alone in a small apartment that is rent controlled somewhere. A small one bedroom and just enough comfort and furniture so I can relax and live my life out. Do I ask for much more than that, nope why because I am a realist if nothing else and know I have to accept what life offers me at this point.

I watch the news, I watch politics too and then television shows in the evening like all other people do too. All I ever ask for in life is simple a car that is decent to get to my doctors, and the stores, food I can eat and handle as a diabetic, a place to shower and brush my teeth and a bedroom to sleep with a comfortable mattress.

As to my dying here is what I think, I have survived 16 years military life, done my duty for uncle Sam, suffered my injuries and am still kicking. Yet, when I do die, I hope Uncle Sam will see to it I am, cremated and buried next to my wife and the American Flag is presented to my eldest daughter to remind her of me. I am a simple man, an honorable man and I do not want fancy, or expensive just a decent place to rest in piece, I hope, that I die in my sleep and never feel it too. God Bless, and Happy Sunday/ Fun day to ALL!

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