How Far Do We, The American People, Let An Unstable American President Go?

Each day that goes by we are seeing increasing aspects of Trump’s mental instability come forth and show itself in public in speeches, in public forays like the G-7 Summits and meetings and in his interaction with Media Organizations.

What is causing Trump’s instability some are saying it is the pressure of the upcoming election cycle, his doubts on winning and his inability to keep the American economy stable, as the election primary battles, heat up.

But, besides re-election problems and his popularity dropping in the polls, and his chances of being re elected at stake here, what is really going on?

Trump’s instability is showing in many ways these days and it is endangering America’s standing on the world stage and his standing among Americans in general these days. His popularity rating is now in the mid thirties, his speeches get more racial and ranting like and his behavior is really outrageous if you watch him, especially when he stands on the White House Lawns and looks to the skies and calls himself “The Chosen One”.

One moment he is saying he may change his mind on tariffs against China and the next his people are saying no way. Someone needs to find out what is causing Trump’s instability and his behavior. As a concerned American Voter and Citizen, I firmly believe, the people have a right to ask for a examination of Trump’s mental health and his chemical balances in his brain and body. He is representing all Americans, or at least is supposed to be, but then he does go on attack rants against mexicans, african americans and people of color and then, he will attack women also. He also attacks the media whether it is the written press such as the Washington Post, or New York Times, or reporters on an individual basis, because he can’t handle what they say about him and what he is doing to himself and the country.

I have seen and watched every President since John F. Kennedy, each had their problems and pressures they faced, and each handled their situations in unique ways, but none conducted themselves, in such strange and unstable ways. It is quite apparent to me as it is to others now, that Trump’s instability is becoming more obvious and scarey. So, what can Americans really do about it all?

We have no way to force a mental or physical examination of the American President, but we can put pressure on to have it done, by Congress, due to Trump’s inability to manage and run his own Administration, and the dangers he is presenting to the American Economy, our standing on the world stage and how he is isolating America from the world and supporting Russia!

Let me say this here and now, Kennedy handled the Cuban Missile Crisis and Kruschev, Johnson handled the divisiveness of civil rights, Nixon handled Watergate and his own resignation, and Clinton handled his almost Impeachment, also and all ran the country, stood tall and never faltered or acted as outrageous and foolish as Trump is doing!

Trump should be evaluated for mental illness or chemical imbalances of his brain. These things would give reason to his actions, words and ideas he puts forth at times and his changing of his mind, on important matters, his so called flip-flops as the media is calling them.

As an American Voter and Citizen and a Disabled Veteran, who served his country and who has five Honorable Discharges I am a concerned citizen. I am concerned for the welfare of America, I am concerned for our position on the world stage and at home and our economy. I am concerned Trump may cause a racial war in America and I am concerned he is a danger to the Country and himself too. Based on all his actions and words, I believe he should be forced to undergo mental evaluations and chemical evaluations of his brain functions and thoughts for serious illnesses.

Congress won’t ask for it, for they fear Trump’s reactions to it being asked of him and they know he would never volunteer for such tests. Yet my question is still this, How Far Do We, The American People, Let An Unstable American President Go, Before We React?

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