Andrew Luck retires!

The National football League is a great entertainment to many in the world. It brings great plays and more to television and it brings competition also, between the world’s best players and teams.

Yet I find it highly disappointing and sad, the the Fan’s of the Colts, booed Andrew Luck when he announced his retirement from football.

Andrew Luck played great when he was healthy, his numbers speak for themselves and he gave his all when he was in shape to do so. The fact he has retired at twenty nine years old, is a sad fact of the injury prone league he brings forth by doing so.

I actually agree with Andrew Luck’s decision to retire from the NFL at this stage of his life. At twenty nine years old, the man has enough of life left to consider whether he will live in pain for all he has left or be able to raise a family and enjoy life at all. He did the right thing for himself, his family and his health, any further damage to him physically and he would never fully heal and then what?

Sports are to be fun, competitive and entertaining I agree, and as a fan of the NFL, I hate when a player gets hit illegally, or injured and is carried off on a stretcher. The dangers of full grown men, flying at each other, at full speed and head-on collisions is immense. It happens every time two teams step on a field and play a game in the National Football League, why do you think they get paid so much to play?

That being said, salaries are high in the NFL, and so are skills, but brute strength and size matter also. Some human bodies can take and tolerate hits and banging around and some can tolerate pain better than others, Let’s face a fact here, do the Colts fans or the NFL Fans or any sport fan, know exactly how much pain and suffering Andrew Luck really is going through and has been going through, for the last 4 years? No, for no one lives in his body, no one sleeps in his body and no one feels the pain he feels, and yet you want to boo him for retiring, that’s bullshit Colts. fans!

As Andrew Luck has said his goodbye to the NFL and the sport he truly loves, we all should stop and say thank you for the effort and plays and entertainment he did bring to the game and his participation in it.

In my Opinion, Andrew Luck, did the right thing for himself, his health, his future, his family and he should be respected for doing so. If you can’t respect him, at least respect his numbers, his records, his play and him as a man, for doing what he thought was right for him.

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