Let’s talk writing, and Authoring books!

Let’s talk writing, and Authoring books!

There are many of us who dream of writing stories, poems and some who dream of writing songs also. many do it, but, never expose what they write to the public, and many if they do expose them can not sell them and people do not believe what they wrote was any good. I am one of the later in this case, I write for fun, and to tell stories or poems, that pop up in my head and then in a feeble attempt to sell them I place them for sale on Amazon. I may have sold less then 20 copies of all of the works I have written period, why, no one sees my works or reads them because reviews say I am not good enough. So, I keep writing and hope I can sell a few here and there just to say I am an Author and did my thing.

Is there any pattern to writing, no, is there any way to guarantee what you write will sell, no. So, what do you do?

First before you write anything that looks like a book, or is a manuscript, you have to round out what you will write, give it direction, so outlining the story and where you want it to start and end and each step in it counts.

Once it is outlined review what you did in an outline and if you don’t like what you outlined in anyway correct it so it tells the story the way you really want it sold.

Next step now you have an outline, what do you do? Start at the first step and write the first opening line and then the chapter one, of your story. To make any story,/ book/ poem or otherwise one must have a great grabbing opening for it. People scan books when they buy them, the same opening will probably be on the back cover of your book and when your done, it will be what they check first. Spell checks, punctuation, and formatting are all important also.

Remember no matter what you write, each character you invent or put in top your story or book, must remain in character throughout the story. They have to speak in the same way always , their reactions must match who they are in the story. Right down to their tears or cheers or anything else they do. Losing the character mid-way and not keeping it together can wreck it all.

What I am telling you applies to each character you invent or use in your story, each should be unique individuals, because we all are, aren’t we and what makes it work in a story, is the interaction between each one.

Once you establish each character and write each chapter, stop. Go back, reread what you have written, edit it, correct all misspellings and punctuation and make sure all characters fit what you started with. So before you begin Chapter two, make sure chapter one does not need revising or rewriting, because you will not wish to go backwards to do it all again, especially if you are writing a book of any length or a novel. It’s just a basic fact!

If you accomplish the above and stay in your outline for you story and do all I have said so far, in each step and chapter, one chapter must flow in the story line into the next and be inter- connected well. The flow must continue, in such a way as the reader will not lose track of the story line/ plot, and it must be logical progression that keeps them interested. Remember you have a plot/ story, your trying to tell, and make known, and make a reader like. If the reader can not follow the plot/story line then they will put it down and not read further or recommend it to anyone else.

So as you tell your story, line by line, chapter by chapter, you have to link it all together and make it flow to whatever ending you are going for, and that includes whether it is a fictional or non-fictional story. You really have to stop and make sure you are bringing the reader along with you, toa conclusion they will get and understand, whether it ends in a happy moment, sad moment or a life or death moment, they have to know why it comes out that way. In the end let me say this to anyone attempting to write a decent story or book, or poem, or song, or even a blog or article in a paper or magazine, if ypu don’t link it all together make it flow properly and keep the reader, interested, well, you have lost your reason for writing, for the purpose is to make people like the story, read the story, and to tell others about it, so it will get around and sell some.

All of the above said, I find fault in myself for not being able to finish a novel, I usually end up with short stories, and then try to make my own covers online, and then try to sell them on Amazon’s ebooks. I am still attempting today after I don’t know how many attempts to sell some and make a mark in the writing world and Author world out here. I wish I could do better, even after taking a course on writing, I falter and fail to sell books or make people like what I write. The fact is, not all of us can master the english language or the story telling techniques of the great Authors who come, before us all.

My stories and little books are on Amazon’s Ebooks and a few other sites. I hope one day some will read them and get to know why they were written and what I was trying to say and do. Only time will tell, I more then likely will never be a Best Selling Author, but at least I gave it a shot, a fair one and what happens will happen, I can’t change it all.

I don’t have money to Advertise left and right, or to be at book fairs or do tours or even get mentioned on radio or tv shows. All I have is my written words, in little books and stories and poems and then or course I also do a blog.

My Blog is at: www,macattack56. wordpress.com

My Ebooks are at: https://www.amazon.com/William-McCurrach/e/B00CQMGTSM/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

If you get a chance or feel you want to look and see for yourself please do!

I know I am not the greatest and my stories are not what all like, but any help or reviews would be nice. Thanks for reading my Blog also.

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