It’s Time to Stand Up, President Trump!

It’s time, I think it’s time for President Trump to listen to someone else, other than Ann Coulter of Fox Commentary fame. He needs to wake up and realize he has zero accomplishments as President of The United States and numerous defeats and loses. Trump needs to realize, just because Ann Coulter told him, ” Mr. President if you don’t build your wall, you will have no legacy” that in fact he will have none anyway even if he finishes the border fence he is repairing and painting.

If President Trump wants to leave a legacy though he should do two things vitally important to America’s future and the world’s too.

#1) Pass Comprehensive Gun Background Checks/ laws, red laws and ban all sales of military type weapons including semi automatic weapons of any kind. Pass licensing laws for guns and make all who own them register them. Stop the sale of magazines that carry multiple rounds. Shut down Gun Show Sales also. Include Mental Health Checks to own a gun of any kind also.

#2) Rejoin the Paris Accord and start the march to Climate Control. Science is now stating we have eleven years till we hit a climate crisis beyond repair and how far after that, does mankind survive on the planet earth?

President Trump, I know you have your pride, I know you think you know it all, you really don’t. Wake up please!

Why do I ask you to wake up and realize all of this, it is for the people of the world, it is for all Americans, it is for our families and the future of mankind. Let me say this President Trump, when people in the world look back on your Presidency, what will they see and think and how will history paint you? You want to improve the historic look at your Presidency and your life as a man, do the two things above immediately. If not, well, the history books of America will paint you as the Worst President in American History, because you have isolated America from the world, given up our leadership position to others, and failed in so many areas it is sad. Do you ever stop to think President Trump, what history will paint you as in the History books?

I won’t ramble on in anger here President Trump, I won’t chase you around and try to force you into doing anything you do not wish to do. Yet, I will remind you of the following: The Trump family, yes your family has children and grandchildren and will maybe have great grandchildren and future generations, do you want them to have a planet to live on safely, and with an environment they can breath and live in? If, so then start the work on Climate Change and save earth!

Do you want your children and grandchildren and future generations, having to dodge bullets on our streets, to get shot and killed by people with military bullets and their bodies to be torn apart by them? It’s time for Gun Laws, it’s time for banning of all semi-automatic weapons and military weapons from our streets, it’s time for Comprehensive Background checks,Red Laws, and more. Shut down the Gun Show Sales, and the sale of all these military style weapons and large magazines, and bumper stocks.

For President Trump I submit to you this, how soon will it be before a Trump Family member turns up to be a victim of a shooting spree by a deranged and mentally ill person, or a mad man angered over his job loss, or just someone who thinks they are protecting themselves and their rights, that accidently takes out a Trump family member or someone close to you, like a personal friend.?

Pass Background Checks and Mental Health Checks for carrying or owning a weapon now. Pass them, Mr. President and save lives and make American streets safer now! Call Senator McConnell and Graham and all Republicans, tell them do it now!

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