No Trump Dynasty, No Trump Second Term

In the past few days, I have heard news of people speaking of a Trump Dynasty, that folks would be nasty. So what Dynasty is Trump talking about here and who does he think will get to the Presidency?

Listen to me carefully, we currently have the worst American President since the creation of America in office, he screws up everything he touches from the economy, to people’s rights, he insults and belittles people and he discriminates and is prejudiced against women and people of color.

He has isolated America from the world and practically handed Russia and Putin the keys to America in every way he can. And we now hear talk of a Trump Dynasty, are you freaking kidding me?

Does Trump really think, his son Don or daughter Ivanka can be President? Or maybe he is hoping Eric the dumbell will wake up and take over, lol. I doubt America would accept any of them as President, I know I wouldn’t! I would be pissed if any of them even attempted to run, they are horrible human beings in many ways. I could not accept the possibilities of such a dynasty being hoisted upon the country and I don’t think most Americans will either. America is not about to elect another selfish, snob, who is rich, ignorant and childish ot the highest office in the land. At least I hope not!

Sadly, Trump has screwed up everything he touches, he has created a cabinet full of people he has fired left or right or caused to resign, because he hires only the best right? Lets be real, he doesn’t know a damn thing about talent, skills, or education either. His cabinet currently is made up of temporary members left and right because he either can’t listen to the advice he is given from them, or they are stupid and mess up, or in the end they can’t get along with Trump, so they leave. And he is now, almost 3 years in Office and the revolving door is still revolving. Sad. How many more will go, before his term is over? How about Ben Carson who knows absolutely nothing about what his job pertains to? LOL

Sadly, America has put up with this President for almost 3 years now, and he has done absolutely nothing for Americans or the world. Zero real accomplishments is what he has, and I know his supporters will say he made a great economy, guess what he didn’t, he destroyed what Obama did make. He has turned all countries against us with his tariffs, driven up the prices of food and clothes and made the American Farmer waste and have to destroy food, and lose any profits they had. Wake up America!

A Trump Second Term would be the biggest recipe for disaster in American History!

A Trump Dynasty would be the worst thing the world and America could ever have, for his children think like he does, they learned from him, they con like him, they lie like him and they are as erratic and dangerous as him. No Trump Dynasty, No Trump Second Term. Let’s end it now, in November of 2020, if not, mankind will end, for Trump has no idea what Climate Change is and how destructive it will be and is today!

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