NFL Week 2 Picks

Tampa Bay vs Carolina- This game is like a pick between two perennial also rans. Both of these teams have trouble in their own right. Tampa Bay doesn’t really know what Winston can get done and Carolina seems to havea weaker then they thought defense. I pick Carolina by 3

Cardinals vs Ravens- Arizona’s Murray is good, but nowhere near good enough not to get sacked and roughed up by that Ravens Defense. Ravens by 21

Chargers vs. Lions- The Chargers are a very good high caliber team, and the Lions are a not ready for primetime team. Chargers by 14

Colts vs Titans- The Titans have a powerful team on both sides of the ball, the Colts need offensive line help, look for Titans to win by 10

49ers vs Bengals The Bengals impressed in their first game but coming down to it 49ers have the better team. San Fran by 3

Jaguars vs. Texans- I say Texans here, especially if Houston can keep their Wb on his feet. If the Jags get two or more sacks it could turn. Texans by 7

Vikings vs. Packers It’s time for an NFC Central battle that is always a good one. Both teams are good and it will depend on which Qb stands up more and who can run the best. I pick Viking by 3

Cowboys vs. Redskins two NFC East teams and one building, one already built, for for the Cowboys here, they are too much for the Redskins. Cowboys by 17

Seahawks vs Steelers- Seahawks keep coming and building on what they have, the Steelers disappointed in their first game, and may lose the second for sure here. Seahawks in a close one by 7

Bills vs Giants- With Josh Allen on the rise and the Bills Defense working, The giants will have trouble moving the ball/ Bills by 10

Patriots vs, Dolphins- It’s obvious here, New England by a mile.

Chiefs vs Raider, a rivalry that comes back again. The Raiders impressed, but are they the Chiefs. caliber? KC by 3

Saints vs Rams- This will be a fight from kick-off to ending and physical as well as smart play. I like Brees over Goff, but, the Rams have great running and that D, so do the Saints in their own right. Brees and Saints, I think in a close one.

Bears vs Broncos- well folks, Chicago will be here and play well, look for the Bears D to step on the Broncos and control the game. Bears by 7

Eagles vs Falcons- Eagles came back strong to win in their first one and The Falcons just faded in theirs. Could be a close one in Atlanta, but look for Philly to win.

Browns vs Jets- Mayfield vs Darnold, but who has the better Defense, NY, if the Browns get their O-line on the same page they have a chance. NY by 7

My 2nd week picks are now in. My week one picks turned ina record of 9 wins and two loses and one tie. What fun! lol

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