Stand Up and Vote for anyone other than Trump!

September is now rolling on and so is 2019. Each day we get a new lie from Trump, a new firing or just a lackadaisical performance and an attitude from our 45th President.

His ideas are dangerous for our nation, no one in their right mind would invite a terrorist organization into their country for sit down negotiations, especially on the Anniversary of their attack on our country.

Watch Trump closely folks, his approval ratings just dropped to 38 percent, and his disapproval rating went up to 56 percent. He is panicking and dangerous and looking for cover as The house gets ready to set up Impeachment Hearings and Articles of Impeachment.

Another Administration Official is gone, in John Bolton now, and Trump says he was fired, Bolton says he resigned, which is true, who the hell knows or cares. The truth is so many have left the White House and this Administration, the revolving door is now a one way spinner. It’s sad. No one can work with Trump unless they kiss his ass period and say, Yes Sir, Yes Sir Three bags full!

Ok now where do we the American People go next. in our countries history and political path? I personally know one thing, when Trump stumble sin his speeches and rambles on about things long past and make sup shit and lies, I can not, nor will anyone with a brain vote for him in 2020. Besides all the damage he has done to Medicare, Medicaid, HealthCare, jobs, and the economy, plus the farmers now and then add in the security risks and his inability to shut up, come security matters, well you get my drift, he has to go.

I have seen Trump now in less than 3 years, destroy America’s leadership position in the world, fail at diplomacy, fail at leadership, and then lie about so many things it is crazy. He is currently in a mental and emotional breakdown if you ask me, he is falling apart and just acting to look good. What most forget is this Trump came into office a failed businessman, an actor and con man, and a professional liar period. He just continued to play himself and does today to hide the fact he is mentally failing and falling apart.

We have a disaster in waiting in the White House in Trump, some say he is evil, some say he is illegal, some say illegitimate, I say all of the above. he is dangerous period for all of America and the world.

As September rolls on and The next Democratic debate is Thursday evening here, 10 democrats will debate the issues, I wonder which one should become our 46th President. I have my favorite of course as do many other democrats out there, and maybe even some republicans and independents who I think will cross over.

I see Biden chugging along at a steady pace, but I worry about him and his abilities at his age and that he may be slipping at times and stumbling, not a good sign.

Elizabeth Warren is chipper and smart and always smiling but had great solutions for many things and coming up fast to catch Biden. Again we do have the age factor here at play and many may say too old, but brilliant. Can she overcome her one fault, age at this stage, she is more coherent then Biden and stays on point.

Kamala Harris, a Prosecutor running for president, Smart, educated, tough a fighter I like all of that in her. She needs to iron her plans out and not let her emotions rule herself, she has to control. If she does control herself and iron out stances and plans, she may be a contender to watch here. And yes, a woman can be President and run the country, especially if she can work,raise children and manage a home and family and a business. It’s time America has a Female President, other countries have and done well.

Pete Buttegeg The Mayor isa likable person and straight shooterpolitically. Smart and well spoken and he looks good on stage. Here we face a different issue that many Americans will say, too young, no experience. Many will say Mr. mayor fix the problems in your own city at home before yopu attempt to fix America.

Bernie, Sanders, Bernie is an old pro at Presidential campaigns and debates now for what the third time round he is in this. He hasn’t come close as of yet and was beaten out by Hillary last time round. LIkeable enough, progressive for sure, but again, age is a factor and so is his constantly being present for these runs. Look I like his ideas many of them, but age is a factor and his lack of mass appeal can do him in here.

Cory Booker, The Senator from New Jersey, while young enough, smart enough and in his own right a straight talker, is his base big enough to get him close to the Democratic Nomination, never mind the White House? We will know soon enough for sure, as these debates go one and we watch candidates drop and move on down the road.

Money drives all of these campaigns, donations pour into coffers and they use them for adds and more. Money determines most of these races for President and Trump has plenty too now. Yet in my opinion, due to Trump’s lies, his erratic behavior, his mistakes and errors and failures and the fact the so called economy he never created but took credit for is now starting to crumble can be beat. he needs to be beat, Americans because to give him a second term would be like handing the keys to your house to the russians! Trump must not get a Second Term America, Stand Up and Vote for anyone other than Trump!

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